Whose Message are you Preaching?

Guest Author: Lydia Mammen

There’s a question I keep having to ask myself: “When the world sees me, who exactly do they see? Do they see me as one who would follow what they say, or as one who stands against?”

I am a disciple of Christ. I pride myself in being His follower, but in these quiet moments I am met with a convicting question. A question I often want to run away from, but one I must ultimately answer: Am I really following Jesus? Am I preaching and living the message of Christ? Or am I following a watered-down and distorted view of Christianity? A view which is powerless. A view which is more about me than Him. A view which is more about what I’m doing than what He has already done. A view which isn’t radical.

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I See Dark People

Do you think people are innately good? Most people will say yes. However, if you believe the Bible as God’s Word, then you know that it specifically says that ALL have sinned and come short before the glory of God and that NO ONE is righteous, no one seeks after God. Occasionally, my heart likes to be naïve and think that even though everyone is a sinner, overall, people are nice! Continue reading

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I’m Gonna Sneeze On You.

There have been 3 confirmed cases of Ebola in Dallas, Texas in the past month.

For those of you who live in Dallas like me, you’re already well aware of this fact. You’ve also probably (and hopefully) educated yourself of the way Ebola is spread (contact with the blood or body fluids of a contaminated person or animal, as well as through contaminated objects.) We took a poll in my government class today, asking about 600 students what their thoughts were about the outbreak of this deadly disease. 90% of them responded saying they were “Very Concerned”. And BOY, does it show!

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We want more!

I have an app that sends me verses and thought-provoking questions every couple of hours as a way to be constantly exposed to the Word of God throughout the day. One day, the app gave me the following verse and question:

The rabble who were among them had greedy desires; and also the sons of Israel wept again and said, “Who will give us meat to eat? Numbers 11:4

Question: When is complaining productive?

I was so intrigued by the verse and the question that I decided to read the entire chapter. Numbers chapter 11 is a wild account of complaining. The first two accounts of complaining are from the Israelites on multiple occasions, and their complaints lead to an extremely exaggerated response from the Lord. The third account of complaining in the chapter is by Moses, but his complaint leads to a faithful response from the Lord. There are three major complaints with drastically different responses. Continue reading

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God Loves You, but Does He Like You?

There’s nothing that can change God’s love for us. It’s unconditional. No matter how many mistakes we make or how far away we run from Him, He always loves us the same. His love doesn’t change. After all, God and love – they are one in the same. We can be sure of God’s love for us, but Him liking us, that’s a different story. What does it take to be liked by Him?

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