Give thanks with a grateful heart
Give thanks to the Holy One
Give thanks because He’s given Jesus Christ, His Son

What is it that you’re truly thankful for? In the spirit of the holidays, the other day we were asked to go around the room and tell everyone what we were thankful for. People said their families, their jobs, good health, etc. I began to think of what I would say and my mind was racing with so many different blessings. After a few moments of this it dawned on me, to sum it all up I simply needed to say, “I’m thankful for the sacrifice and love of Jesus Christ.” Maybe it wasn’t what people were expecting, and I’m sure it made a few people a little uncomfortable, but as a believer He is the reason that I am joyful and thankful.

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Finding Favor | Part 1

Who in your life do you aim to find favor with? It is usually our close friends, spouse, or our parents. We try as much as we can to make them smile, to please them, and to find favor in their sight. We strive to do this because we care about their opinion, we know they love us and we try our best to reflect that back towards them. In the same way we care for relationships and interactions with our friends and family, we need to seek the favor of God in our lives.

Psalm 119:35

Make Your face shine upon Your servant, And teach me Your statutes.

So how is it that we can please God and have Him find favor in us? One good example in the Scriptures is the life of Abraham. Abraham sought to please God in everything he did and we see it in so many ways throughout his life. God blessed Abraham and made a nation out of his generations because of the way he strived to please God. Let’s take a look at five distinct ways we can please God in our lives. Continue reading

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ThingsAgead.CSLewisRewind to 10 years ago. What would you do differently?

Many of us  would love to go back in time to change things. We would love to direct the steps of our younger selves. If we could, we would walk one step ahead of our younger selves and warn them about the road bumps up ahead and the pot holes that are guaranteed to cause damage. There are a million things we would tell our younger selves to protect them. We would try our best to save them from what we know will cause years of pain. Knowing what we know now, we would plead with them to choose differently. We would redirect them. We would do all that we could to help them find another route, a better route. Unfortunately, we don’t have that luxury. We can’t go back. We can’t rewind. It’s not an option. But thankfully, there is a bright side…

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Drivers Without Roadmaps

Guest Author: Jeremy Kunchandy

YOU ARE DESTINED FOR SUCCESS!” shouts the preacher. *crowd claps* “GOD WANTS YOU TO BE HEALTHY!” *crowd cheers * “GOD WANTS YOU TO BE WEALTHY!” *crowd erupts* “SIMPLY GIVE AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN TO YOU A HUNDRED FOLD!” *crowd begins throwing money into the offering basket* *preacher grins from ear to ear* *fireworks go off on stage* *Aloe Blacc’s “I Need a Dollar” blares through the sound system* *random dump truck shows up out of nowhere and dumps a tsunami of cash onto the preacher *

Okay I admit, maybe I exaggerated a bit towards the end… However, minus the dump truck, Aloe Blacc, and fireworks, sermons like this are actually quite the common fare in today’s culture. Not only are they very common, they’re widely accepted as truth from the very ones who call themselves followers of Him who lived in poverty and died being crucified between two criminals. Continue reading

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Conjunction Junction | Part 3


READ: Part 1 | Part 2

Let’s face it: Life can get pretty darn rough sometimes.

Over the summer, I went to Kemah with a few of my cousins. There’s an old, wooden roller coaster called the “Boardwalk Bullet” that gets a lot of tourist traffic (although, I’m not quite sure why anymore). Mind you, this was not the first “old, wooden” roller coaster I had ever been on. But this particular one must have been built in the stone ages, because I have never, ever, in all of my roller-coaster-loving life, wanted to get off a ride as much as that one. Every muscle in my body ached. I was sure I had displaced a few vertebrae and was confident my brain would cease to function after having been scrambled up like a of couple eggs. If it sounds terrible, that’s because it was. The Bullet didn’t make me sick, but it did leave me hurting. All over. Needless to say, I’m never getting on that thing again! Although I was left with a pounding headache and a body which felt like more of a burden than anything else, I had learned a valuable lesson. A nice hot bath really does soothe the aching. A cold compress to the forehead dulls the pounding. Life hurts sometimes. It gets rough. It’s messy. It’s ugly. It’s unfair. But if we know what to focus on, if we know how to treat the aches and sores, if we know how to dress the wounds, things will get better. The cure-all for life’s bumps and cuts? The Word of God.

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