Waiting for HIS Best

Indeed, none who wait for you shall be put to shame;
    they shall be ashamed who are wantonly treacherous.

Psalm 25:3

I’m a baker. I love baking cookies and cupcakes and muffins – never brownies though. They’re much too complicated for me. I can never get them just right. No matter what I do, they always come out too hard or too gooey (which can still be yummy, but also, very messy). To this day, I have not found the secret to making perfectly fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth brownies with just the right amount of chocolatey gooeyness (holla back if you got some tips, ladies! Gents, you too!).

Finding the perfect balance in a baked good takes the perfect mixture of things: base ingredients, spices, whisking skills, heat, and of course, time. Those last two are pretty important – they can either create a delicious treat or a total disaster.

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Finding Favor | Part 3

For the last couple weeks we have been going through this series of finding favor with God by pleasing him. We considered through instances we saw in Abrahams life how we could bring God pleasure by loving him supremely, trusting him completely, obeying him wholeheartedly, and praising/thanking him continually (Finding Favor Part 1, Finding Favor Part 2). Today we are going to go through the final way that we see Abraham bringing glory to God and that is pleasing Him by the use of our abilities! Continue reading

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Breaking Up With Sin…Again

God hates what sin does to you as much as He hates the sin itself.

None of us like to be trapped in sin. We may give in to sin and justify it at times, but we understand that sin is something God hates. Sometimes we get so caught up in hating what God hates – cheating, lying, murder, gossip and so on – that we lose sight of the big picture. We fall into the trap of believing that once the sin is gone, the problem is fixed.

The reality, though, is that years of embracing sin leave a burned-out shell of a person that needs much more than a few minutes in prayer. It takes much longer to rebuild a person than it does to destroy them.  Continue reading

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Be Still in the Moments

Life is a series of moments. Each moment is precipitated by another moment. None of them are ever the same and never repeated. Every laugh, every glance, every word, and every tear has its place. Maybe it took years of moments to rebuild what a single moment may have broken. Maybe a single moment changed the trajectory of your life forever. If you have been touched by grace, maybe you have more than a handful of moments you keep close to your heart that sparkle brighter than diamonds and will last just as long in your memories. Continue reading

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