Update: John & Sunita Locklear

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One of the latest updates at Beautiful Gate is that we now have a doctor working with us to provide speech therapy for our students.

In March of this year, Sunita saw that a friend (Renee), who was following Beautiful Gate on Facebook, had just earned her PhD in Speech and Language Pathology from a local university.

Sunita sent Renee a message congratulating her and asking her if she would like to help at the new Beautiful Gate satellite school that we were about to launch. It just so happened that Renee was praying for an opportunity to conduct therapies in a Christian environment and lived only a half-mile away from our new satellite location. Additionally, Renee is the wife of a local pastor and both were already serving the Lord full-time. This is a real answer to prayer and just one more example of God’s faithful superintendence of Beautiful Gate’s ministry to these special children over the last 10 years. 

Dr. Renee joined Beautiful Gate in May and, along with Sunita and our other teachers, conducted a ten-day summer camp for special children in the area. As a result of our summer camp, four new students have joined Beautiful Gate and we expect to be near full capacity by the beginning of the school year.

Please continue to pray for Beautiful Gate as we strive to expand our services to more children with special needs throughout our city. Additionally, pray that God would grant us favour in the eyes of government officials regarding the zoning status of the land where our school is located. We need to receive Non-Agricultural status for this land in order to operate the school unencumbered.

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