How does a church key work?

Why have a church key?

That rounded shape has historical origins. According to the Historical Dictionary of American Slang, it is how the device got its name. The rounded end of the bottle opener resembled the ornate handle of the large keys that were once used to lock church doors, the dictionary said.

What does it mean to get church keyed?

The term church key is a derisive term that means when you use the church key (meaning the bottle opener to open beer), you are most likely to miss church, therefore you cannot use the literal church key to enter.

Why do they call a beer can opener a church key?

To protect their aging beers in their monasteries, the monks locked them away in lager cellars, for which only the monks had the keys. It is theorized that the openers reminded someone of these keys — either because of their shape or use — and started calling them “church” keys.

What does a church key look like?

A church key is a can opener that has a triangular pointed end. You might want to poke two holes in the top of your pineapple juice can with your church key before serving it. Originally, church keys actually resembled large keys (thus the name) and were used to pry open caps or corks from bottles.

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What do they call it a church key?

What is the origin of the phrase church key when referring to a bottle opener? Apparently bottles, especially beer bottles, were once opened with heavy, cast iron openers that resembled the same type of key used to open church doors in Europe. The name stuck even for today’s modern openers.

What’s another word for church key?

•bottle opener (noun)

bottle screws, cap openers, bottle-opener.

What is the pointy end of a bottle opener for?

1. Opening a Can. The pointed end of this bottle opener is designed to poke a hole into the top of a can. The contents can then be poured out, or the rest of the top can be removed.

When was the church key can opener invented?

Before we had electric can openers and crank can openers, people opened their bottles and cans that looked like the same ornate keys pastors and priests used to open up their church doors. Invented to open up a bottle cap or “crown cork.” the church key can opener was created out of necessity in the early 1900s.

What is a bartenders church key?

Also known as a Professional Bartenders Key, Mamba or Popper, Church Key or just plain old bottle opener. It features a full coined opener for easy upwards, downwards, forward or backwards motion to remove beer or soda bottle caps. Works great for hooking the bottle caps with upward motion.

What is the other end of a bar key for?

One end of the bar key has a circular hole, while the other is designed to look like the conventional bottle opener we know of today. It has a lip to catch the edge of the bottle cap. Pull out your favorite bottle of beer from the cooler without drenching your hand in icy water by using the circular end of the bar key.

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