How many Maronite churches are there in Australia?

Are there any Maronite churches in Australia?

The Maronite Catholic Eparchy of Saint Maron of Sydney (in Latin: Eparchia Sancti Maronis Sydneyensis Maronitarum) (sometimes spelt Maroun) is an overseas Maronite rite (Antiochene rite) eparchy (diocese) of the Catholic Church in Australia, based in Sydney.

How many Maronites are in Australia?

There are fewer than 37,000 Maronite Catholics living in Australia, according to the 2016 Census results. It’s a tiny figure when compared to the country’s population of ‘Western Catholics’, which sits around the 5 million mark.

How many Maronite Christians are there?

According to the Encyclopedia of the Peoples of Africa and the Middle East, “accurate figures are not available, but it is probable that the Maronite diaspora of over 2 million individuals is about two times larger” than the Maronite population living in their historic homelands in Lebanon, Syria, and Israel.

What is the difference between Maronite and Catholic?

Maronite church, one of the largest Eastern ritechurches, prominent especially in modern Lebanon. The church is in canonical communion with the Roman Catholic Church and is the only Eastern rite church that has no counterpart outside that union. The Maronites trace their origins to St.

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Who is the Maronite Bishop of Australia?

Bishop Antoine-Charbel Tarabay


What language do Maronites speak?

Maronites are estimated to make up around 21 per cent of the Lebanese population. Originally Aramaic speakers, today Maronites speak Arabic, but use Syriac as a liturgical language.

What Bible does the Maronite church use?

The Peshitta is the standard Syriac Bible, used by the Maronite Church, amongst others.

How did the Maronite church start in Australia?

On 8 May 1893, the Maronite Patriarch sent two priests to Sydney, having realized the need to establish a Maronite Mission in Australia. In 1894, a Maronite chapel was set up in Waterloo and served until 1897. On 10 January 1897, Saint Maroun’s church in Redfern was dedicated.

When did Maronites become Catholic?

In the 12th century when the Crusaders arrived on the coast of Syria, the Maronites welcomed them. By the time the Crusaders took control of the region, the Maronites had renounced Monothelitism and accepted Roman Catholicism.

Do Maronite priests marry?

Roughly half of the Catholic priests of the Maronite church of Lebanon elect to marry. Eastern Rite Catholics like the Maronites and Melkites are following rules that would be familiar to any Greek Orthodox Christian. Priests may marry prior to ordination, but not after.

What does the word Maronite mean?

Definition of Maronite

: a member of a Uniate church chiefly in Lebanon having a Syriac liturgy and married clergy.

What are some Maronite traditions?

Some of the most distinct Maronite traditions are contained within their worship or liturgy, often referred to as the Maronite Rite. The Maronite liturgy opens with a call for the mercy of God, compared to the Roman Catholic liturgy which begins with calling to mind sins.

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In 1995, PCED explained that it “morally illicit for the faithful to participate in” SSPX Masses “unless they are physically or morally impeded from participating in a Mass celebrated by a Catholic priest in good standing” and added that not being able to assist at a Tridentine Mass “is not considered a sufficient …