Is the Prophet 5 worth it?

What makes the Prophet-5 special?

One of the first fully programmable polyphonic analog synths, the Prophet 5 is the most classic synthesizer of the eighties! It is capable of a delightful analog sound unique to Sequential’s Prophet series in which the P5 was King! Five voice polyphony – two oscillators per voice and a white noise generator.

What is the difference between the Prophet-5 and 6?

The magic in the prophet 5/10 is the vintage knob. That slews various parameters per voice so the result can sound huge. The prophet 6 is so precise that even though it’s analog all the voices glide at the same rate, so it doesn’t have that hugeness that the 5/10 has.

Who uses a Prophet-5?

Radiohead used the Prophet-5 on their 2000 album Kid A, such as on the song “Everything In Its Right Place”. Peter Gabriel considered the Prophet-5 his “old warhorse” synthesizer, using it for many sounds on his 1986 album So.

How much is the Prophet-5?

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This item: Sequential Prophet-5 61-key Analog Synthesizer $ 3,599 .00 + FREE Shipping 7 reviews
Type of Keys Semi-weighted, Fatar Keyboard
Aftertouch Yes
Other Controllers Pitchbend, Mod Wheel
Polyphony 5-voice
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How many voices does the Prophet-5 have?

Expandable to 10 Voices

In this mode, each program is allocated five voices. Use this capability to layer two programs for thicker, more powerful pads or chord stabs.

When did Prophet-5 come out?

Manufactured from 1978 to 1984 with an initial price of $3995 (about $15,000 in today’s dollars) the Prophet-5 proved so successful that its sound not only defined popular music for years, but its design provided the blueprint for what a poly synth could be.

Does the Prophet 5 have a sequencer?

The Poly-Sequencer was a self-contained sequencer for the Prophet 5. It was capable of storing up to 6 separate sequences and a total of 10,000 notes. It featured both real-time and step recording, sequence overdubbing and transposition, and an external clock input for synchronizing with other instruments.

Is synth an instrument?

A synthesizer (also spelled synthesiser) is an electronic musical instrument that generates audio signals. Synthesizers typically create sounds by generating waveforms, through methods including subtractive synthesis, additive synthesis and frequency modulation synthesis.

How do you save a preset in Prophet-5?

Pressing the GLOBALS button three times in a row saves the current program as the default program that appears when you turn on the Prophet-5.

Does sequential circuit contain memory element?

A combinational circuit produces an output based on input variable only, but a Sequential circuit produces an output based on current input and previous input variables. That means sequential circuits include memory elements that are capable of storing binary information.