What did Jesus say at the Last Supper about betrayal?

What did Jesus say about betrayal?

Biblical narrative

In Matthew 26:23–25, Jesus confirms the identity of the traitor: “The Son of Man goes, even as it is written of him, but woe to that man through whom the Son of Man is betrayed!

What did Jesus say at the Last Supper one of you will betray me?

And while they were eating, he said, “I tell you the truth, one of you will betray me.” They were very sad and began to say to him one after the other, “Surely not I, Lord?” Jesus replied, “The one who has dipped his hand into the bowl with me will betray me. The Son of Man will go just as it is written about him.

What did Jesus prophecy at the Last Supper?

During the Last Supper, on the eve of his crucifixion, the Bible says Jesus Christ told his disciples, “One of you will betray me.” Attendees of a special Maundy Thursday service on March 29 at Georgetown Presbyterian Church will witness a re-enactment of the disciple’s reaction to that statement.

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Why do people betray?

The first is excessive ambition, greed, lust or passion. When a person cannot control is overcome with these vices, he’s liable to betray. A drug addict will betray the trust placed on him because his addiction is overpowering. It is greater than any sense of loyalty, integrity or honesty he may have.

What are examples of betrayal?

To betray is to be disloyal, to reveal secrets, or to reveal your location to an enemy. An example of betray is when you cheat on your spouse. An example of betray is when you tell secrets and betray trust. An example of betray is when you sneeze and your enemy is then able to find you.

What did Jesus say to those who betrayed him?

The translation suggests that Jesus asked Judas to betray him so that his execution could take place. According to the translation, Jesus told Judas “Step away from the others [the other disciples] and I shall tell you the mysteries of the kingdom. It is possible for you to reach it, but you will grieve a great deal.

What is the main message of Matthew 26?

Chief priests and scribes conspired to kill Jesus Christ. Judas Iscariot agreed to betray Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. Jesus ate the Passover meal with His disciples, at which time He said that one of them would betray Him.

What will you give me if I betray him to you who said to whom?

The Gospel of Matthew specifies that Judas received thirty pieces of silver: Then one of the Twelve — the one called Judas Iscariot — went to the chief priests and asked, “What are you willing to give me if I hand him over to you?” So they counted out for him thirty silver coins.

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What happened to Judas after betraying Jesus?

According to Matthew 27:1–10, after learning that Jesus was to be crucified, Judas attempted to return the money he had been paid for his betrayal to the chief priests and committed suicide by hanging.

What words did Jesus say at the Last Supper?

At this supper, according to the Gospels, Jesus blessed bread and broke it, telling the disciples, “Take, eat; this is my body.” He then passed a cup of wine to them, saying, “This is my blood.” Jesus’ words refer to the Crucifixion he was about to suffer in order to atone for humankind’s sins.

What is the message of the Last Supper?

Two aspects of the Last Supper have been traditionally depicted in Christian art: Christ’s revelation to his Apostles that one of them will betray him and their reaction to this announcement, and the institution of the sacrament of the Eucharist with the communion of the Apostles.

What goes on in the mind of a betrayer?

At some point the betrayer wants something that isn’t theirs. It can be love, friendship or sex with a person who is not their spouse. It could also be a desire for a sense of significance, money, power, recognition, admiration, control, and even revenge.

What to say to someone who has been betrayed?

Here’s what to say to someone who betrayed you to be able to heal and recover from the setback:

  • 1. ‘ …
  • ‘I do not want you back’ …
  • ‘It is your loss entirely’ …
  • ‘Thank you for teaching me what not to accept’ …
  • ‘I will try to move on gracefully’ …
  • ‘You are not important, my recovery is’ …
  • ‘I will seek a true friend who is unlike you’
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How do you deal with a person who betrayed you?

What to Do When Someone Betrays You So That You Can Trust Again

  1. Get Clear. …
  2. Make Sure You Have All the Facts. …
  3. Don’t Play the Blame Game With Yourself. …
  4. Find Ways to Be Grateful. …
  5. Consider Forgiveness as a Choice. …
  6. Confront the Betrayer. …
  7. Focus on Self-care.