What if my SIN number expires?

Can I still work if my SIN number is expired?

Yes. If you applied to extend your work permit before your initial work permit expired, you can keep working, even if your SIN is expired. This is allowed under the Employment Insurance Act and Regulations.

What do I need to renew my SIN number?

Examples of primary documents include:

  1. birth certificates.
  2. Certificate of Canadian Citizenship from IRCC or CIC or a certificate of registration of birth abroad.
  3. record of landing verification of landing, status verification.
  4. visitor record.
  5. diplomatic identity card.
  6. work or study permit.

Can I file tax with expired SIN?

Can I file my taxes with an expired SIN? Yes, you can file your taxes with an expired SIN. When your IEC Visa expires, your work permit expires. As a result of this, you are no longer permitted to work in Canada.

Can I start working without a SIN number?

Employers must pay wages to foreigners who don’t have social insurance numbers Canada has updated employer compliance rules to specify that foreign workers can still work without a SIN card as long as they are in the process of getting one.

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How long does it take to renew SIN number online?

For online applications, the government has not provided details on processing times. For mail applications, you should receive your SIN Number within 20 days from the receipt of your application.

How do I check if my SIN number is valid?

You can confirm the SIN of a current or former employee by contacting Service Canada at 1-866-274-6627. If calling from outside Canada, dial 506-548-7961 (long distance charges apply).

How do I renew my SIN number after PGWP?

If you are a graduand or a student renewing your study permit, you must request a SIN extension as soon as your receive your post-graduation work permit (PGWP) or new SP. In both cases, the number will remain the same, and you will be allowed to maintain work or start a new job while waiting to extend your SIN.

Can you work in Canada without a SIN?

Every person working in Canada must have a SIN . This number is used to administer government benefits under the Income Tax Act, the Canada Pension Plan and the Employment Insurance Act.

Does SIN expire Canada?

Once your SIN record is updated, you will receive a SIN with a new expiry date. Your previous SIN (whether in a paper format or a plastic card) is no longer valid. Destroy it in a secure manner.

Can I use someone else’s SIN number?

A new SIN does not protect you from fraud and identity theft

The Government can only share your new SIN with the federal departments and agencies that use your SIN.

Can a SIN start with 0?

The first number depends on your province and whether you have immigrated or are a temporary worker. All digits except eight and zero are used; so, if you see these numbers at the beginning of a SIN, be aware that it isn’t valid.

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