We’re just a group of young people with simple words and simple hearts. We love the Lord.

He is our Everything.

At our start, we were ten girls with ten simple stories. Similar stories, mind you. Each of us, born a sinner. Each of us, held captive to the flesh. And all the while the Lord pursued us. Somewhere along the way, we returned to Him. His mercy saved us from destruction, His grace offered us life eternal, His love saved us from ourselves. Ten simple girls with simple words and simple hearts.

Different ages, different personalities, different walks of life. And yet there’s one thing that binds us all together: we were all bought with the precious blood of Christ. For that we are eternally grateful.

We came together in December 2012 in an effort to minister to the young girls of our churches. It was laid upon our hearts to serve the youth and encourage them in the Lord.

Thus, Come Awake was born.

Since launching in February 2013, we have added several new members: Vinay, Joel, Garrett, Sarah, and Shannon. We’re thankful to have them on board with us as we serve the Lord in this way. With the addition of our four male contributors, we hope to reach out to the young men of our generation and offer them encouragement in the Lord.

Our purpose here is to encourage and edify this young generation of Christians. We aim to break down the walls of solitude and bridge the gaps separating us. Through this blog, we hope to hold each other accountable and build each other up according to the ways of the Lord.

Come Awake is our effort to reach out to those in need of Love and Hope. This is our effort to minister to broken hearts, crushed spirits, lost souls. This is our effort to cast a light upon the Hope and Joy we know, the Unconditional Love we experience. This is our effort to awaken those still slumbering for something far greater than what their wildest dreams consist of…

Awake, O sleeper.
And Christ will shine on you.

2 thoughts on “Mission

  1. Thanks for your site. How would our church have your group come out and sing? I am a pastor in a Sugar Land, Texas church and wonder if you ever come out and speak to HS or college-age young women. Our community is very diverse, but our congregation needs help reaching out to others. If your mission is only the blog, I thank you for it and will be pointing young women in our church to you! God bless you all richly and thanks again for sharing!

    1. Hi Jerry! Thanks for stopping by! And thank you for your encouraging words. All glory & honor to our Heavenly Father! We are thankful He chooses to use us. We apologize for the delayed response – we wanted to take some time to pray about this before we replied. And just to let you know, we sent you an email regarding your questions.

      May the Lord bless you & your ministry for the glory of His name!

      Come Awake Team

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