How did God answer to the little child’s prayer in the poem the soul’s prayer?

How did God answer to the little child’s prayer?

Explanation: The Good News: God listens to everyone’s prayers. He does not put one’s request or thanks over another; we are all created equal in his eyes. “Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed.

What response does the poet get the soul’s prayer?

Answer: Not needed for exams. Answer: In the poem The Soul’s Prayer, the child is curious, naive, and eager to learn. She wants God to give her answers to the existence of life. She is aware that there are different levels to her soul and trying to get a better understanding from God about life, death, and existence.

What does the child’s prayer to God reveal about her in the poem the soul’s prayer?

The poem The Soul’s Prayerpresents her faith in God and feels pride to be His innocent child. The child makes a blind prayer to God and pleads with Him to reveal the various metaphysical aspect of life and the nature of existence or the law of life and death.

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What does the soul’s prayer narrate?

The entire poem is about a prayer that a person offers up to God, asking him to give them everything-all of life’s experiences, and to spare them nothing so that they can experience it all.

How is life compared to a prism in the poem the soul’s prayer?

This line has been taken from the poem “The soul’s prayer” written by Sarojini Naidu. Here in these lines the poet compares life to a prism through which we can see a band of 7 colours emitting from a simple white light.

What are life and death according to God in soul’s prayer?

The soul’s prayer express the twinship of life and death in its closing lines:- “Life is a prism of my light And Death is shadow of my peace.” Life and Death are inspirably one and the poetess gains strength at an awareness of this fact to meet sorrows and sufferings lightly.

What is the theme of the poem the soul’s Prayer written by Sarojini Naidu?

The fundamental theme of the poem lies in the premise of a child, a devotee, speaking to God. There is a level of purity present between the devotee asking questions of existence to God.

Is bending from my sevenfold height?

‘I, bending from my sevenfold height, Will teach thee of My quickening grace, Life is a prism of My light, And Death the shadow of My face.

What does the child wish to be list his wishes in the order they are described in the poem?

The child’s wishes are:

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He wants to beautify his motherland like the flowers beautify the garden. He wants to become a missionary so that he can help the poor and those in pain. He wants to keep himself away from all the snares of evil. Above all, he wants to walk on the virtuous ways in his life.