Quick Answer: Is seven mortal sins censored?

Is 7 mortal sins censored?

Seven Mortal Sins is uncensored on Funimation!

Is Seven Mortal Sins uncensored on Amazon?

It is uncensored. If you didnt know this is the first that this series has been available to Americans fully uncensored. Funimation had only episode 1and 2 uncut but the rest was censored.

Is it worth watching 7 mortal sins?

There’s good animation, good scenery and nice action to top it all off. The characters are well done, though they’re not anything groundbreaking for animes in general. Seven Deadly Sins is a solid watch you should probably check out whenever you like. After all, it is on Netflix.

Is seven mortal sins censored on Crunchyroll?

CR isn’t censoring this, it is the broadcast version.

Is Nanatsu no Taizai season 3 worth watching?

Yes, do it. Not only is the animation actually good, but it has a lot of action and it’s really interesting. You also get to see the Ten Commandments, which is the point in the story that season 1 was building up to. It has really good arc(s) and all of the sins are there.

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