What equipment do I need to stream a church service?

What equipment do you need for live streaming church?

Live Streaming Equipment for Church

  • Choosing a live streaming computer. While there are ways to stream directly from a camera or capture device, the simplest streaming solutions use a computer as a hub to pull everything together. …
  • Internet Connection. …
  • Camera. …
  • Audio Interface. …
  • Software for live streaming.

What does it take to live stream a church service?

Without enough internet upload speed, your live stream can buffer and slow down for your viewers, possibly even stopping altogether. You can check speed by running a quick test at speedtest.net. The upload speed is the number to notice. You need about 3 Mbps to send out an HD (720p) stream.

Do you need a Licence to stream a church service?

Never assume that such websites or apps permit you either to upload copyrighted-material or play content from them in a public setting without a licence or permission. You do not need a licence to stream or webcast the sermon only, but should always have the permission of the speaker before uploading their talk.

What cameras do churches use for live streaming?

Top 10 Ways to use PTZ Cameras in Churches

PTZ cameras make live streaming easier especially for volunteers by providing remote camera control and camera presets.

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What upload speed do I need to stream a church service?

Internet upload speed

A general recommendation is having: 6 Mbps for 720p.