Just Be Careful

1 Corinthians 10:12

Staying humble is a tough one for most of us. God has blessed us with so much that sometimes it’s hard for us to take a second to remember: it is only because of Him that we are anything. And even in that remembering, we are nothing. But what happens in the times we forget that we aren’t here for ourselves – the times when we are standing high? Pride is the first thing to catch us when our guard has gone down and when we start to feel that we are something great – most times it’s unrecognizable; we don’t even know we are a victim of it.

This verse in 1 Corinthians is something that my Dad always told us; He still does. The modified version I have kept in my head is, “Be careful where you stand, lest you fall.”

Be careful.

So one may ask, “How can I be careful?” Oh, it’s simple: seek the Word as your Daily Bread. The Word of God is our guideline for life. It’s full of instruction and examples. Examples of great deeds and characters and examples of what happens when sin takes over. The Word of God teaches us in a way in which being “careful” is completely possible. It’s what we need.

Being careful means to be cautious in our actions, thoughtfully and thoroughly completing work or making decisions. Being careful means things are done or performed with accuracy. Through the Word we learn the ins and outs of life. As we delve deeper into the Word each day we understand more and more the Love that Jesus had/has/will forever have for us. As we understand this Deep Love, we simultaneously learn that humility is necessary to give ALL the glory to the Lord. He deserves it, not us.

Pride doesn’t have to be a huge thing running our lives. It may not even be our greatest weakness, or maybe it is. You may never have even thought about pride being an issue for you (that was me). Pride can be even in the little thoughts. Here are a few that come to my mind: “Wow, I actually am the smartest one in this class” or “I’m definitely better looking than her/him.” Sounds silly at first, but in reality we all think these “little” thoughts. Sometimes we jokingly say things, but we all know what they say, “there’s a little truth behind every joke.” I can say that I am guilty of this first and foremost. Thankfully we have a God who is so completely understanding and patient; He will help us work through prideful thoughts. And He’s blessed us with the brothers and sisters that are up to the task of keeping us accountable!

Being intentional in what we say and do is imperative. Lately, I find myself talking to myself saying, “Why did you say that?!” after saying something totally UN-thought out. In my life this is a direct correlation with pride. Pride takes different forms in our lives. I talk a lot. And sometimes when I talk a lot I think that I’m always right. So, for me, keeping quiet or being careful in what I say could totally show my humility (I hope and that’s what I’m working on). When we recognize that we may struggle with pride, what are we doing to solve the problem? Are we remembering the One who gave His life for us? Are we remembering that He is the Sovereign God who has shown us undeniable and amazing grace? Do we realize that all we have done should have given us the opposite of what the Lord gives to us?

Today I challenge you to:

Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up.

James 4:10

He will give you the ammo necessary to overcome pride, remain humble and give Him all the glory. Let’s not even think about the second part just yet. Be careful where you stand. Don’t fall. Just be careful.

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