Bridging Science and Faith

Welcome to the science and faith page!

One of the components of our new mission statement at Come Awake is tackling challenging questions that many believers struggle with.

As you may have noticed, Garrett and I have recently published a number of posts that address questions related to faith, science, doubt, philosophy, and other important topics (see below for links to these posts, which are all now in a category called science and faith).

Not only that…

We are thrilled to launch an ambitious new series that will explore the relationship between science and faith.

We know full well that many Christ-followers hold very strong opinions on these questions, and a few readers may strongly disagree with some of the thoughts we articulate in this series.

However, we also know that these are important questions, because many thoughtful believers walk away from the faith when they are unable to find satisfying harmony between faith and science.

As two believers who have struggled with doubts and grappled with questions like the ones above, we hope this new series will:

A) Help people realize that it is possible to be a scientifically literate Christian

B) Enable the church to thoughtfully navigate science-faith controversies

Science and faith—neither is going away.
Can the apparent chasm between them be bridged?

It’s our hope that this project will help provide healthy responses to that important question.


Is Our Faith Unreasonable?
When The Bible Says Yes But Wikipedia Says No
Is God Actually Involved in My Life?

Science and Scripture

Is the Earth Flat?
Is Your Existence an Accident?
Did God Create You?

Different Questions, Different Layers

Liturgy in the Laboratory

Has Science Disproven God?
A Method to the Madness

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