Meet the Team


anish photoAnish

Anish Thomas is a non-profit management professional out of Chicago, IL. He enjoys reading, eating, being active, having good conversations, and listening to the best music genres ever: early 90’s hip-hop and R&B.


Becky Mathew is a Nurse in the Operating Room at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, IL. When she’s not assisting in surgeries, she likes to vacuum, travel, practice her hand lettering, read mysteries, have dance parties, & bug her husband with her indecisiveness & OCD tendencies. Passionate about Jesus & building relationships, she spends most of her free time editing, writing, and creatively managing Come Awake Blog.


Ben Puthukeril resides in Augusta, GA with his wife, Brittany, where they attend Martinez Bible Chapel and serve there as youth leaders. He works full-time as a witness for his Savior and part-time as the Quality Assurance & Engineering Manager for an automotive company. Ben desires to encourage other young people who are growing in their faith to have a reckless abandonment to this world and follow Jesus wholeheartedly. When he’s not busy ensuring the quality of vehicles, he enjoys spending his time playing basketball, building computers, playing video games, flying drones, and nerding out on technology. He and Brittany enjoy traveling in their spare time but have a greater passion for short-term missions whenever they get the opportunity.

Brittanybritt photo

Brittany Puthukeril and her wonderful husband, Benjamin, live in Augusta, GA. She is a fourth-grade teacher at Diamond Lakes Elementary and absolutely loves it. In her free time, she enjoys photography, working out, playing with her puppy (Toby), eating sushi, traveling with her husband, and playing volleyball. She attends Martinez Bible Chapel and serves as a Youth Leader and an Awana Cubbies teacher. Her greatest desire is to encourage young people to be steadfast in their faith. Brittany’s main focus is to be on fire for Christ and serve the people around her with truths from Scripture and fellowship in His sweet love.


Eliza Roop is married to her best friend, Steven. They live in Lubbock, TX, and are expecting their first baby in August of 2019! Eliza runs her own calligraphy and design business and also loves dabbling in the art of photography. In her spare time, she loves hanging out with her family, reading, taking walks, and drinking coffee. She and her husband attend FreeWay Bible Chapel.


Garrett Haley works at Coldwell Banker Commercial in Lubbock, TX. During his free time he enjoys reading, writing, traveling, and pondering life’s deep questions. On weekends he can often be found mowing lawns or playing soccer. He also serves as a deacon at FreeWay Bible Chapel.


Julie Kurian is the Director of Marking for a non-profit organization in the high plains of Lubbock, Texas. In her free time, she enjoys mentoring young women, reading, writing and traveling. Don’t ever go on a road trip with her unless you want to experience hours of her enthusiastic singing or be forced to learn a lot of interesting (but random) facts. She is an active member of FreeWay Bible Chapel and spends her summers staffing at the Galilee discipleship program.


While consuming copious amounts of tea, Kat can be found working with her hands. Be it writing (poetry, recipes, short stories, and a book she’s been working on longer than she’d like to admit), cooking, crocheting, or restoring furniture made by her great-grandpa, Kat likes production. Her favorite days are the gloomy, rainy ones that she fills with more tea, time with God, and endless books. God is the love of her life, and it is the greatest joy of her heart to serve Him in her ministries to the hearts of others.


Reeba lives in Elmwood Park, New Jersey and currently works as a junior accountant at Believers Stewardship Services. When she isn’t balancing the books, she’s balancing the demands of work, family, friends, and life in general. She likes to laugh, eat ice cream, and do anything active or outside. Ultimately, she lives to know Christ and make Him known; her prayer is always to count everything as loss for the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus our Lord.


Sharon Chacko and her wonderful husband are currently based in Denver, Colorado and share a love for children’s ministry and making Christ known among the impoverished, underserved and marginalized. They have a heart for overseas missions and seek to be faithful domestically until the Lord calls them elsewhere! Sharon’s life has been transformed by the work of Christ, and her life goal is to know Him more and to make Him proud.  Her favorite things are early mornings with the Lord, a good work out, and sleep.


Sheba Joy is a Dallas native who wears many hats including Physician Assistant at an inpatient oncology department, wife to her husband, and most importantly, disciple of Christ. Her idea of a fun time includes trying out different foods (especially desserts), listening to music (live concerts are a big bonus!), traveling with her husband, and unwinding with her loved ones (Netflix is usually involved). When she has some extra time to squeeze in, she enjoys singing with family, painting/drawing impressionistic works, writing for Come Awake, and reading fiction.


Vinay Mathews and his amazing wife, April, live in the great city of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. He is an Architectural Designer at a Design firm in Cleveland. After many years of [slow] growth, he came to commit his all to serving the Lord. Living life through that lens has shown him true joy in everything he experiences whether it be in serving his precious wife, building relationships, designing, or even in failure. It is all sweeter now.


Spring 2019 Headshot Square-M-500x500Grayson

Grayson Price is a freelance graphic designer in the Kansas City area. Much of his time is spent with his roommates (a sister and a cousin), with his abundance of family members, and with his chapel family at the Bible Chapel of Shawnee. Grayson frequently enjoys using his design skills to help with ministries across the country.


Joel Sam is a Mechanical Engineer at Lynntech in College Station, TX. Aside from developing new technology, he enjoys ultimate frisbee, mentoring college students, playing the drums for The Lonely Wheel, studying philosophy and theology, and improving his skills in photography and graphic design. He occasionally shares his life with the Internet on his website.



Benjamin Knott is currently in charge of logistics and procurement at Cherokee Fabrication Co Inc. in Lubbock, TX. Outside of work, he spends most of his time mentoring, playing the bandurria (a 12-stringed Spanish instrument), playing soccer, or doing outreach on the Texas Tech campus.


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