Glass Half Full

Watch this.

Intense, right?

We’re all searching for it. We want to find it. We need it. If we only had it everything would be so much better. What exactly is this it we are looking for? A lot of us go through life having this empty feeling. Have you actually taken the time to really think about what would make you feel full? The it you are looking for could be totally different from the it I’m looking for. Happiness. Acceptance. Intimacy. Love. The list could go on and on… Are you looking at your glass as half empty? What will make it full?

God. The Sovereign, all-knowing God created us in His image (Genesis 1:27). We were fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14). The same God who made the magnificent and breathtaking universe, created you and me. I know we all know this. But really let that fact sink in. Our God is awesome. There is nothing that will ever compare to Him. No computer or human mind. Nothing. So if we know all of this, if we truly understand our worth, then why do we still feel empty?

Well, the video you just watched gives a good illustration of the process of why we feel empty and what will fill us up. There’s one solution to our emptiness: Jesus Christ. No matter what you’re searching for, whether it be happiness, acceptance, intimacy or love – He has it all. One may ask, “How is that really possible though?” Remember – God. You know, the One who is in control of it all. Your Creator. Your Healer. Your Teacher. Your True Love. Your Confidante. Your Defender. Your Father. He is the One who will fill you up. His capabilities are endless.

I don’t think it’s because we don’t know the Truth that we feel empty. I think it’s because it’s terribly hard for us to let go, even though we do know the Truth. If you’re in this very position, of knowing the Truth but feel stuck, then I urge you to talk to Him. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Just sit down. And speak.

If you yearn to follow Him and obey the Truth, be assured that He sees the depths of your heart. He is listening. One of these (look below) may be the it you are searching for. Tell Him what’s hurting you and ask Him all the things you’re wondering. He wants to know. And He is the only One who will give you peace.

Happiness. Lord, I can’t find this happiness that everyone else seems to have. I thought I was doing everything the right way. Am I doing something wrong?  And why am I never satisfied? Will you help me be joyful in any and all circumstances that come my way?

Acceptance. Lord, it seems that everything I do is never good enough for everyone around me. I don’t feel like I’m a part of anything. I just don’t fit in. I keep trying to please people, but I don’t feel accepted. Will you place people in my life who will encourage and love me? And in the meantime, please help me to remember your promises and that your grace is enough.

Intimacy. Lord, I can’t believe my relationship is over. How will I ever get back those years that I spent trying to build intimacy with someone else other than You? Forgive me for not making You my number one priority. And Lord, please heal my heart so that I can taste the sweetness of intimacy with You.

Love. Lord, is finding “the one” the most important thing? The world makes it all look so glamorous, to be with someone who will be “in love” with me forever. But something’s not adding up right. If You alone are love, then why should I be so desperate to find “love” somewhere else? Help me guard my heart and remember that I already have the greatest Love of all: You. And in all things, help me to trust in Your timing.

As you converse with God, don’t be surprised if you hear Him talking back to you. It may become so comfortable for you that you won’t want to stop. 🙂 Sometimes I even feel His embrace. That’s the best. Right when I need a hug, He is always there to give me one. What everyone says about Him is true. His love is inexplicable and so vast. You’ll never be able to get enough.

Let Jesus bring you back to life. In your emptiness, brokenness and hurt, remember that He died for you. And not only that, but He offered you the free gift of eternal life. So, if you’re looking at your glass as half empty, but now after reading this post, you see it as half-full. Good. Be hopeful and let the Lord fill your half-full glass up until it overflows.

You know the Truth. Now, accept it.

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