Friend of the King

You are my friends if you do what I command you. No longer do I call you servants, for the servant does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, for all that I have heard from my Father I have made known to you. John 15:14-15

I needed a plan. For the past three days, I watched how things were done. After the morning toll of the bells, a servant would bring in a day’s worth of food… for lack of a better term. Except for the rustling of guards patrolling the prison and hearing muffled voices, I noticed nothing out of the ordinary. I had enough leeway with the length of chain that I could walk easily in my cell, but I knew that even if I were to get my cell door unlocked, I would have to detach myself from the wall somehow. I needed two keys.

Whenever I noticed anyone wearing a white robe over the armor, I tried to retrieve information out of them. None of them even acknowledged me. With each passing day, I felt more anxious about Narcissa’s whereabouts. Of course, the only thing more frustrating than not being able to do anything was the voice persistently telling me to talk about the Forgotten King anytime I saw a glimpse of one of the white-robed guards.

I watched as the servant opened the cell door long enough to place the plate of food and retreated soon after. On the second day of my captivity, I decided to stop eating the food they provided so I could lose enough weight to wriggle my wrists out of the constraints. As soon as that happens, I can easily slip out the next time the servant came. My stomach gurgled its disapproval over the last two days, but I had no other solution. I turned my back to the bars of the cell and tried my best to surreptitiously slip the chains off.

I squeezed, manipulated, and pulled as hard as I could. In the end, the metal restraints cut into my skin until it bled. This was completely useless. Running a hand through my tangled hair, I resumed the pacing. If only I had my sword…I stopped in mid-step. Harper. She has my sword! The wheels began to turn as a new plan formed. If I can get into close proximity to Harper, I can use my old pick-pocketing skills to reclaim my sword which could easily cut through the restraints. Again, that strange sensation perfused my belly. Maybe eating the gruel will help.

I was slightly disgusted by how enthusiastically I cleaned my plate in one sitting. With nothing else better to do, I fell asleep. Big mistake. No sooner had I fallen into deep sleep, I was looking into the stern face of my Father. Well, I think I was looking at Father in my dream state. What stood before me was nothing like the Father I had previously encountered years ago. His eyes sparkled like lightning, and His clothing was brighter than any scorching flame. Gray smoke swirled around His face like a dancing cloud, but most frightening of all was how huge He was! He could easily finish me with a single stomp of His foot.

As I continued to watch the Most High King seated on His throne, my feeble brain could not fully comprehend what was going on. My knees shook so badly I wondered if I would collapse from sheer fright. The weight of my rebellion weighed heavily on my heart as Father continued to watch me silently. That was the worst part of all. For years I waited so long to see Father again, but I never imagined the sheer disappointment on His face.

The guilt of my iniquity pressed heavily on my shoulders like never before. I turned my face away from Father, but it wasn’t helpful at all. There was no way to get away from myself. Abruptly, a familiar golden glow approached me from the air. “Grace, what are you doing here?” I asked gruffly. I didn’t have to look over my shoulder to know that Father was still watching me intently. As Grace approached me, I realized that she too looked much bigger. Previously, she was no taller than a few inches. Now she was human size, possibly taller than I.

Now it was Grace’s turn to look at me sternly as she spoke, “Melody, take off the weight you have clothed yourself with. Don’t let your sin deter you from the King and His plans.”

Before I could question Grace about what she meant, a full length mirror materialized in front of me, and I was finally able to see what she meant. There was a black substance snaked around my left shoulder and arm. Tentatively, I pried off one piece after another reminding me of a leechlike octopus. As soon as the last bit was off, Grace took the slithering mass away and made it disappear. With a now relaxed smile, Grace told me, “Where sin tried to increase, I prevailed! The Advocate created me to always defeat sin. You are free.”

Grace stared past my shoulders, and I finally turned around. The magnificence of the Most High King was still astounding, but I could finally see His face clearly. Nothing was standing between us. “Melody, my precious friend…” I couldn’t help the smile that exploded on my face. “Are you ready to do my will?” He asked. I took a determined breath. “Yes Father… Not my will but Your will be done.”

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