Tent Talks

For God speaks in one way, in two, though man does not perceive it. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on men, while they slumber on their beds, Job 33: 14-15


“Are you ready to step out in faith?” said the Great King.

As soon as we finished sparring, I made the decision to follow Elyon. Before I could begin, He told me I had to do one thing. Die. I looked at the tumultuous looking sky. As the wind blew with ferocity and the clouds emptied torrents of water below, lightning danced above.

“Yes, I am ready.” I took a bracing breath and stepped out into the open elements. I was immediately drenched, but that didn’t bother me at all. The bolt of lightning striking my body was not fully expected. I felt cold, hot, and tingly. I thought my heart and brain would burst…

I opened my eyes furtively. Suddenly the landscape had changed. It was the still the same location, but the storm was gone. In its place was a Sun that outshone everything else, chasing away all shadows. My Father. He smiled at me as if He knew me already somehow and said, “Hello Harmony, it’s nice to finally meet you…”

The voice suddenly disappeared and in its place I heard a clanking sound of metal scraping against metal. Heavy lids were forced open. I rubbed the last remnants of sleep from my eyes. Then I realized that I was lying comfortably on satin sheets and the softest pillow imaginable. Wait, where am I?

“Harmony, you are finally awake!” said the spritely creature excitedly as she hovered by my side. Then I finally recalled the chase leading to the secret water passage and the King’s tent. “Looked like you were having a nice dream,” Grace commented as gold sparks emanated from her tiny form.

“More like a memory than a dream.” I slowly sat up surprised by how stiff and achy my muscles and joints felt. “How long have I been asleep?” I asked with a yawn.

Grace flew just in front of my face. “You must have been exhausted because you have slept for two days straight.” I looked askance at her. “You’re joking.” Judging by her expression, I knew she was saying the truth. I was just having a difficult time accepting it.

My companion resumed speaking, “You’ve been through a lot, and the King wanted you to have a safe haven to rest in His tent.” I mechanically nodded my head with understanding. “Thank you for your consideration.” I didn’t know what to say. I wasn’t used to generosity or hospitality. This was completely foreign. I looked around until I realized Copper wasn’t in sight.

“Don’t worry. Copper is fine! I talked with her for a bit and told her not to walk away too far from you. She even filled me in on what you’ve been through,” said Grace. I didn’t respond. Instead, I rapidly threw off the blanket and ran to the opening of the tent and poked my head out. I was relieved when I heard the familiar whinnies. I was shocked that she didn’t wander away without being tethered to something. I was able to relax once again before I turned to Grace. “Tell the King I said thanks for His help, but I should probably leave.

“What? Why don’t you tell him?” asked Grace with a perplexed brow before continuing. “Don’t you realize how lucky you are to be here? One day in the King’s courts than a thousand elsewhere. You are in His personal tent!”

I didn’t know what to say or do. Instead, I asked my own question. “If this is His tent, then where is He? Why have I not seen Him since I became Harmony?”

Grace flitted in the air nervously. She was concentrating hard before she replied, “He has always been here with you. When you became Harmony, you became a vessel for the Intercessor. Even though you might not see Him all the time, He will never leave you…Melody knew Him as the Comforter.”

I nodded my head slowly, but I was still hesitant to blindly trust Grace’s words. Listen to me daughter. I suddenly became ramrod stiff as I suddenly realized that I had a heard a similar voice when I was being chased by Prince’s guards. In the heat of the moment, I didn’t think twice of obeying the voice that guided me to the King’s tent. I was desperate after all.

I changed course and walked deeper into the huge tent with Grace following close behind. “How does this work exactly? How do I control hearing from Intercessor?”

Grace patiently explained, “You can’t expect to hear from Him only when you need Him.” When she saw my confused stare, the creature continued with her explanation. “In order to clearly hear His voice, you have to quiet your will and be desperate for Him…As long as you’re listening to your own voice, you can never hear the King’s.”


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