Reluctant to Ask

Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4


I was still mulling over what Madame Lucia had told me. In order to find Harmony, I had to use my gift of discernment? Meanwhile, the carnival was finally dying down for the night as patrons walked back to their respective homes. After getting as much information as I could, I corralled my crewmembers and told them to return to the ship.

As soon as my last man left, I noticed Madame Lucia was talking to someone wearing a cloak. Feeling suspicious at the strange character, I crept forward under the starlit sky. As soon as I got within a couple of feet of the pair, I noticed gold sparks floating escaping from under the cloak. “Grace?” I enquired.

When the fairy-like creature revealed her face from her cover, I was shocked to see her in human size. Grace just took my reaction in stride and gave me and Madame Lucia a winning smile as she began speaking, “I’m happy to see that you finally got rid of that eye patch. It was such a hindrance.” She scrunched up her face with distaste before continuing.

“Madam Lucia was just filling me in on your progress through your test.”

I put my hand up to interrupt her. “Grace, what are you doing here?”

Grace gave Madame Lucia a puzzled face and switched her gaze to me. “I’m here to help you find Harmony.” She was looking at me as if I had grown horns on my head.  Then it was my turn to look at her oddly. “I thought I had to find her alone…Well, I do have the help of my crew.”

As soon as those words left my mouth, Madame Lucia shook her head at me with a smile and Grace rolled her eyes to the twinkling night sky. “Cole, not once did I say that you had to go on this journey alone. Have you already forgotten the deal with the King?”

Now I was getting annoyed. “How can I forget such a pivotal moment? I gave up my existence as Rick and became Cole when nothing in this world could satisfy me until I encountered the Forgotten King.” I took a calming breath. “Elyon adopted me into His family, and now I’m here to do His work.”

Before Grace could speak, Madame Lucia stepped in between us and grasped both of my hands in hers. “Cole, you are right about what you said, but there are so many other promises that our Father has made and that He will always keep.” Then she looked past her shoulder and smiled at our glimmering friend. “Grace’s purpose is to carry out His gifts and promises.”

As they both looked back at me, I couldn’t help but feel like a young boy being schooled. Feeling uncomfortable, I extricated my hands from my companion’s grasp. “Madame Lucia, I am not a very good son. I just feel like I don’t deserve to ask anything from my Father. I’m just a disappointment.” My shoulders slumped with the admission.

Grace clucked her tongue and shook her head ever so slightly, and Madame Lucia gave me a look of compassion. “Oh child, you are not the only one who falls short! As old as I am, I still do or say things that I feel ashamed of, but the Comforter continues to work in my life and change my heart closer to the image of the King Elyon…The Comforter is ultimately preparing us for our royal inheritance in the King’s new Kingdom. You just have to ask Him to change you.”

I was on the verge of disagreeing with Madame Lucia, but a gentle voice stopped me cold, “Until now you have asked nothing in My name. Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full. I looked up with wide eyes. As Grace and Madame Lucia exchanged knowing glances, I reveled in what my King spoke to my heart. His words are beyond rationality, but since when is the Forgotten King ever rational?


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