Stop, Rewind, Play!

Have you ever felt like life is a remote? We are constantly hitting Stop, Rewind, and Play. Sometimes things get into a routine and we get to the point where our body just works, but our minds aren’t tuned on. Ever been headed back home and you can’t remember the actual drive, but here you are pulling into your driveway? It happens to me all the time and I can’t believe how scary that is! Makes me wonder, what else in my life do I engage in so mindlessly?

I have to say my spiritual life sometimes gets into that mode, and it’s even scarier than just a drive. Sometimes, I go to church, knowing the typical routine. The routine makes it so easy to just tune in and out. So now I find myself fighting to concentrate on the love of God, and to stop thinking about my to-do list for the day. But I’m going about this whole thing all wrong. The desire to praise and worship God should already be set in my heart before I  mindlessly drove to church that day. “But it’s so repetitive! “

Please know that what I’m about to say is something I struggle with every day. I work on trying to change my mindset because my life before this was a complete waste! And since old habits die-hard, I have to constantly remind myself of the reality of my time here.  For example, we don’t hesitate for a minute to schedule our days around our favorite TV shows, workout schedule or plans with friends. But fitting in time for God sometimes feels like an intense game of Tetris! And He loves me so much that I’m still here with all the blessings, despite hurting the very One who created me. It’s pretty simple, if my love to serve God isn’t the backbone to my actions, then all I do is for NOTHING!

We can waste hours in a day, so stressed about work, putting our outfits together for the next day, talking about the amazing “reality shows” and endless amount of hours trying to look amazing (when God already knows you are one of the beautiful things He made), but every single one of those things and more, are an epic WASTE of our time simply because the intentions behind all those things do not glorify God in any possible way. Every single one of us has a kryptonite that Satan is not only aware of, but he makes it a point to make it a daily struggle so that we fail.

How can we overcome this human failure of ours? Every time I struggle with the fact that I sinned (yet again!), I remember that God hasn’t given up on me yet because I’m still here!  He has far greater days planned ahead for me where I can try my best to be in the proper mindset and go through my day doing anything and everything that can show the Love of God through me. I’m not sure what some people think life is about, but I cannot imagine having any purpose to living if it wasn’t for something so great being in the picture.  I think the Bible says it better than any words I can put together. Here is I Corinthians 13:7 –

“So, no matter what I say, no matter what I believe, no matter what I do, I’m bankrupt without love.”

We have to try to live everyday like it means something, like we’re here for a purpose. We can’t live as though our lives are just passing by before our eyes. Every second counts because it is one more breathe we could use to do something for our Savior.

Let’s get stop living our life on replay, get out of our rut and aim to do something different.

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