1 religious talk

And you shall do what is right and good in the sight of the LORD… (Deuteronomy 6:18a)

Standing up for what you believe can be a lonely thing to do in today’s world. It’s a job with many openings but few applicants. When we see injustice happening around us, the easy thing to do is turn a blind eye to it. Getting involved in it might prove to be messy, and who wants to go through all that drama? But deep inside our consciences are pricked, and we hear that still, small voice of God whispering what He requires.

Responding to this voice has proven to be a difficult part of Christian life for many. It’s easier and brings less attention to ourselves if we just go with the flow. Sadly, this attitude can lead to an entire population of weak, misguided and apathetic believers.

There is one person in the Bible who undoubtedly understood this issue better than we do. As a young man, far removed from his family and culture, Joseph was approached by Potiphar’s wife. Not only did he stand up for what was right – he ran, leaving his coat behind him.

Most people would think that he was crazy for running away from such a proposition; He surely deserved some reward for being sold as a slave and suffering as he was in Egypt! But Joseph knew what was right, and he stood by it. I wonder if he regretted it even for a moment when he was serving time in prison for doing exactly the opposite of the crime that he was accused of, but in the end we see that he was immeasurably blessed by God for it.

Today, whether you’re dealing with ethical issues at work or moral issues with family and friends, stand up for what the Lord is leading you to do. It may be difficult, but it will be worth it. Take God’s hand, take a stand.

The choice is ours. Will we take a stand – proving the depth of our convictions? Or will we keep talking about right living, without supporting our words with action?

Though taking a stand is often unpopular, it’s the mark of true integrity. All who allow God to set their course know it’s the only way to live. And those who scorn your values may even end up respecting you in the end.

What you live is what you believe. Everything else is just religious talk.

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