Losing Jesus At Church

Every year Jesus’ parents went to Jerusalem for the Passover Feast. When he was twelve years old, they went to the feast as they always did. After the feast days were over, they started home. The boy Jesus stayed behind in Jerusalem, but his parents did not know it.  Thinking that Jesus was with them in the group, they traveled for a whole day. Then they began to look for him among their family and friends.  When they did not find him, they went back to Jerusalem to look for him there. (Luke 2:41-45)

Pretty ironic, isn’t it?

Mary and Joseph were in Jerusalem for Passover.  After a joyful week of feasting and celebration, these parents enjoyed a whole day’s journey without giving a second thought to the whereabouts of their Son, the Savior of mankind.

Luke references a couple of obvious mistakes that Mary and Joseph made in this incident:

  •       In verse 43, we see that they did not know that Jesus stayed back. 
  •       In verse 44, they assumed that Jesus was with them in the group.

Sound familiar?

So many of us attend church and other church functions and thoroughly enjoy our time there.  We are convicted of things that need to change, make decisions and walk away on a total spiritual high.  We walk back into our normal lives and don’t realize that we’ve left Jesus back at church. 

 “You live your life in the utterly mundane.  And if God doesn’t rule your mundane, He doesn’t rule you, because that’s where you live.”

There are many different ways to get involved in religious activities these days: conferences, retreats, seminars, workshops, missions pitches, Bible studies, youth meetings and an assortment of other offerings.  The purpose of all of these is to expose us to the Scripture and come to the Lord in a deeper and more meaningful way, and it’s great to go to all of these things and enjoy them.  But my question to you: Where is Jesus in your life?    

While we say that we are being guided by the Holy Spirit in our lives, in reality, we are ignoring what the Bible says and making choices according to our own intellect. For many of us, the Bible has no place in our lives except on Sunday mornings, the way we live Monday to Saturday is no ones business but ours.  WWJD bracelets are trendy to wear, but asking a fellow Christian “what would Jesus do in this situation?” will get you labeled as a fanatic.  Too conservative.  

As a Christian (which means follower of Christ) do you keep Jesus enthroned in your life?  Are you actually following Him, or is “Christian” just a label that you’re comfortable wearing but not living out?

Mary and Joseph may have been the first people to forget Jesus at church, but they’re certainly not the last.

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