Zealous For The Gospel

“If the Lord Jesus is worth anything, He is worth everything” –William MacDonald

Is Jesus worth everything to you?  As Christians, how many of us truly give everything we have to Christ to be used only for His glory? Like Paul, do we have one important thought in mind: the Gospel of Jesus Christ?  Have we stopped to realize that this life we live is not about us, but about Him?

In Monday’s post, Priyanka talked about suffering for the Name of Jesus Christ.  Paul, was a man who suffered, but he was also a man of passion and zeal for the Lord.  His suffering was worth the pain because of his true desire to make the gospel known. Paul recognized the glory of God and desired for the world to know Him as well, and because of this, he was able to say, “we rejoice in our sufferings”.

A believer who is zealous for God, is only concerned with one thing: to please God.  What the world thinks or what others can offer pail in comparison to what our God has promised us.  Spending time in His Word and meditating on His truths, fuels a fire in us that He longs for us to have (Hebrews 1:7).  When our hearts are focused on Him and we are passionate about the things that He is passionate about, then our outlook on this short life drastically changes. We are no longer worried about how we suffer or for how long we suffer. Rather, we become excited to suffer for the Name of the Most High God.

Let us examine our hearts and see where our true passions lie. Are we longing to please Jesus Christ or are we longing to please ourselves and those around us?  I leave you with a short quote about what it means to have a true passion for the gospel; to be a zealot for Jesus Christ:

“Whether he lives, or whether he dies, whether he has health, or whether he has sickness, whether he is rich, or whether he is poor, whether he pleases man, or whether he gives offense, whether he gets blame, or whether he gets praise, whether he gets honor, or whether he gets shame, for all this the zealous man cares nothing at all. He burns for one thing: and that one thing is to please God and to advance God’s glory.”  – Bishop JC Ryle

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