One Year & Counting

Howdy, friends! Today is a day of REJOICING! This week, Come Awake celebrated our 1 year anniversary! 222 posts later & we are STILL in complete awe that the Lord would use US in this way. By the Lord’s great power & grace, Come Awake has reached 68 countries with the matchless, unending, boundless Love of Christ! All glory, honor, & praise to our Heavenly Father who has worked all things out for His greatest glory & for our greatest good. Each of us on the Come Awake Team can honestly say that we have been blessed by this ministry the Lord has so graciously given us. We thank you all for your prayers, support, encouragement, & partnership in our mission to share the Gospel & build up younger generations for His glory! We hope that you have found encouragement through these simple words the Lord has given us. We hope that you have found direction, comfort, & healing in Him. Our prayer has always been & will always be to “awaken those still slumbering for something far greater than what their wildest dreams consist of…

Continue to pray for us, dear friends! We are human & we fail daily, hourly. But the Lord more than compensates for our shortcomings. And for that, we are ever so grateful. We are humbled by His desire to use us. We are humbled that He found purpose in 11 broken vessels. Glory in the highest, to the Most High God & King, the Alpha & Omega, the Beginning & the End, the Great “I AM,” the Creator of the Universe, the Redeemer & Lover of our souls.

If you have some time, we would love to hear from you all. Whether it be a comment, a message, an email – whatever. We want to know your thoughts, suggestions, opinions, etc. So please feel free to contact us!

Blessings to you all in Christ, in whom all things are held together! All glory and honor and praise to Him & to Him alone!

3 thoughts on “One Year & Counting

  1. Have been blessed by come awake blog! Thanku all for taking the time, seeking God’s heart as what to write, and for being such an encouragement, faithful to sharing what God has laid on ur hearts, staying true to the word of God, choosing relevant subjects/ topics. I personally have benefited and shared this blog with others. It is a blessing to me to see that this has had far reaching effects across this world! Absolutely Humbling! I am so thankful to Our Incrediable Heavenly Father as he has used you all on this way. Thanku all!!! Will keeping praying for u all!

    1. Mercy, you are an incredible blessing! I (and all of us at Come Awake) hope you realize this! You’re sweet words have encouraged us along this journey and we are so appreciative of your love and support. Thank you for loving us like Christ and encouraging us in our work for His Kingdom! Thank you for your prayers and support. I trust that the Lord will continue to use you for His glory, for the encouragement of the saints, & for the furthering of His Kingdom. All glory, honor, and praise to the One who saves!

  2. Mercy, thank you so much for consistently encouraging us with your comments and for keeping us in your prayers. It really means so much! I hope that God continues to use you for His kingdom! 🙂

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