Transforming Love

In case you were wondering, today is Valentine’s Day. I’m going to be blunt (which is my usual habit) and say that I struggled about what to write about today. For days, I have been praying to God and asking people about what I should write about on this widely celebrated day. Still nothing lit up in my mind. This week, my fellow sisters in Christ have written phenomenal posts about love, yet my mind kept gravitating to one thing: the transforming love of Christ.

I know that is such a broad thing to say. His love has the power to do so much! If not for God’s love for us, He wouldn’t have sent down His only begotten Son to rescue us. The most loving act in all of mankind was when Jesus died on the cross. Nothing we can ever do will compare to the impact of His sacrificial love. Through Christ’s example, the whole world now knows one aspect of love, but there are so many things that accompany love…Some of these are painful, but others are absolutely beautiful and miraculous.

First off, I’m going to say something that no one wants to hear. You are going to face heartbreak. No, I’m not talking about the typical romantic heartbreak you see in the movies where the girl dumps the guy or vice versa. I acknowledge that this type of heartbreak absolutely exists and is painful, but I’m talking about heartbreak that YOU will face eventually in this life that you never saw coming.

One heartbreak comes from loving another human being while wearing rose-colored glasses. Regardless of whether or not this love is romantic, familial, or friendly, there is a heartbreak that comes from your expectations of another person. If not already, you will have people in your life that you will look up to. This can be a parent, an uncle, a sibling, a friend, an artist, or even an athlete. When you love this person/people that you aspire to become, you run the risk of elevating them on this pedestal. I hate to tell you this, but they WILL fall off that pedestal.

When this happened to me, I was shocked, angry, confused, and heartbroken. I couldn’t understand how someone I thought was my hero could ever become a villain, even for a second. Oh how I struggled with such a revelation! I wanted to take sides. I wanted to reject my “hero”, but one glaring reminder kept repeating itself to me: “Forgive because I have forgiven you.” I was keeping a record of wrong when I had absolutely NO RIGHT. Without a doubt, I just wanted to cast judgment, but God calls us to show grace and mercy.

Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all offenses. Proverbs 10:12

That verse is absolutely true. God had every right to reject us, but because Jesus’ blood covered our sins we are able to have a relationship with Yahweh. If you are in Christ, He is slowly molding you into His image. This also means that He is transforming your capacity to love as He loves. How incredible is that?

The other thing I want to mention is the heartbreak that comes after a loved one dies. Yes, there is no greater comfort and hope than knowing that a departed loved one is in heaven and that a reunion is inevitable, but there is a gaping hole in your life that will never be filled. When I lost three friends in a short time span, I thought I would never genuinely smile again. I was tired of loving people and having them ripped out of my life. I didn’t think I could honestly love anymore.

I will never forget what someone once told me. Picture that your heart is a glass window. You keep getting pelted by these small rocks (small trials/setbacks/heartbreaks) that leave small cracks across the glass, but out of nowhere someone throws this giant rock that finally shatters the entire window i.e. your heart. How can you live on when you’re that broken? Well, this is when Christ comes into the room. He picks up all the pieces and puts it all together. Sure each and every crack is still glaringly present, but there is something miraculously different. He takes the shards and creates a beautiful and ornate stain-glass window. His love has the transforming power to Heal!

Maybe you feel disillusioned, broken, or even empty of any emotion, but the love of Christ has the potential to become miracles in your life! Allow Him to change you and heal you. He’s the best Carpenter and Physician I know.

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