Changing Seasons

Lord, you have been our dwelling place in all generations. Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever you had formed the earth and the world, from everlasting to everlasting you are God. Psalm 90:1-2

When I first read the lyrics and listened to the song of the week, the constancy of God immediately came to mind. On the surface, such a quality doesn’t seem very appealing. It’s almost like meeting someone who says that they eat Cornflakes every morning. Yeah, that just sounds boring.  I’ll admit that I’m a cereal girl, but I switch brands as soon as I finish one box, and if I’m feeling really wild, I’ll make scrambled eggs and sausage on the weekends.

It’s so funny. We are creatures who are easily bored by monotony, but we are terrified of change. For instance, I found out that my least favorite day is coming this weekend: Daylight Saving Time Ends. That’s right folks. You are going to lose an extra hour of sleep as we spring forward. I knew it happens every year around March, but when I saw a post on Facebook I immediately felt like yelling, “NOOO!” As you can see, I don’t even like the change that I know is coming.

On that note, I love that God is unchanging. I love that the same God who created the celestial bodies and the tiniest crustacean is the same God I pray to and read about today. My world is constantly changing whether I like it or not, but I have so much comfort knowing that even when my world is topsy-tervy my God is constant.

What does that even mean? You probably hear it all the time like I do, but even I take for granted that quality and IDENTITY of God. He is constant in being Holy, Loving, Merciful, Just, and Gracious (just to name a few).

One of the greatest things I love about God is that He is constant in keeping His PROMISES: He will never leave me, He will always provide all my needs, He is faithful to complete His will in my life, and He will always answer my prayers. The Bible is filled with promises that God has established for our benefit, and believe me when I say that there is no expiration date on His promises.

It’s March, and surprisingly still very much cold. That is super weird as a southerner. However, I know that the season is about to change, both literally and personally. I love how God sort of clues me in on that sometimes. I think that’s His gracious way of telling me, “Sheba, you need to prepare.”

The sticky part is I don’t know exactly how I should prepare for the change of seasons.  It was over a year ago that God helped me transition to a new season of life in Savannah, and now He’s about to change up my world again. For my first year of PA school, I had been trying to drink out of a fire hydrant of medical information, and now I’m about to enter my rotation year where I will have to apply everything and treat real patients.  Am I scared? OUT OF MY FREAKING MIND!  Am I excited? MOST DEFINITELY!

I kid you not. Every time that God transitions me into a new “season” of life, I feel like I’m running blind waiting for a branch to hit me square in the face. Yeah, I might get grazed, but I can trust that God is opening the path for me and protecting me from the worst of it. Sometimes, the changes are hard and painful, but those dark seasons are necessary to mold you into the person that you are meant to be for God’s kingdom. Then there will be seasons that are peaceful and delightful. (If you are in such a season right now, do not waste it because such seasons are few and far between as a believer.) Regardless of what season or what changes that you encounter in life, trust in the goodness of the Lord. He will always see you through.

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