Cookie Dough Theology


Everyone loves cookie dough. But really, everyone  loooooves cookie dough. We eat half of the dough before even dropping it on the cookie sheet to be baked. There’s something about unformed cookie dough that appeals to us. I haven’t ever been able to understand what it is. I mean cookies are delicious too. They’re sweet and chewy. But cookie dough. Oh, it’s just something else. The process of cookie dough becoming a cookie is fascinating, too. Thinking about it and talking it through with some friends led to the realization of Cookie Dough Theology.

Imagine yourself as cookie dough. Maybe you’re sweet, maybe nutty, or maybe a little bit of both. Whatever kind of dough you are, you were made specifically and with a purpose. You don’t just have one ingredient. You aren’t as simple as people may think. You’re unique.

Your baker knows what He’s doing. He wants more than anything for you to come out perfect and definitely not burnt. Whenever He sees that your dough is ready to be cooked, He puts you in the contraption, in which you dread to be in. I mean what cookie dough really wants to be put through heat, in an enclosed space, not sure of how they’ll come out? You’re plopped down with a spoon, not having a specific shape. You have to go through the ‘fire’ to become what the baker intended you to be.

While in the oven, there are so many things happening. What exactly is happening, you ask? After doing some research to make this Cookie Dough Theology legit, I found many interesting things. After the ingredients start to heat up, the sugar is broken down into glucose and fructose. These components then form the hardened, golden brown outside of the cookie. Meanwhile, another key ingredient, bicarbonate aka baking soda, causes a chemical reaction, which forms some sort of bubbles in the cookies. These bubbles do something that I didn’t really understand. So let’s move on to the butter – the butter gives the cookie it’s light, and fluffy texture. ALL of this happens in about 10 minutes depending on  the temperature. Uh, whoa. Who would’ve thought cookie dough transforming into cookies would be so scientific?

All this to say – cookie dough goes through a lot, in what seems to be a very small amount of time, to become something perfect and delicious.

Okay, back to us being just like cookie dough. Our baker, who of course is Jesus, is the best. He trumps the Cake Boss, Duff Goldman and all the other famous bakers. Jesus has made us with the right ingredients. Not the same as everyone else, but just how He wants us. He sees us as clay, ready to be shaped into something beautiful for His glory. And even more than that, He loves when we are willing. When we are willing, obedient, and ready-for-anything cookie dough, He is so pleased. He knows that you don’t really want to be heated, but He knows what the result will be. And maybe you aren’t willing, well oh well, He’s in control. You will come out just as He wants you to come out as you allow Him to make you. While you’re in the heat you may think it will last an eternity, but in reality, you will be out of there in no time. A lot changes through this time. You will become different. You will start to look more like Jesus. The heat will break through your unwanted and unneeded qualities and create in you something so beautiful You will become who He wants you to be. You will be a joy to others and especially, to Him.

The baker is always pleased when His creation comes out just right.

Don’t be afraid of the hard times. Don’t be afraid of being heated and tested and made into something different from what you expected. If you leave yourself in His hands, you will be the most perfect cookie ever. If you aren’t sold by this Cookie Dough Theology, think through it today. Make some cookies for yourself and see how amazing it all really is. Put yourself in His shoes for just 10 minutes. You’ll see the joy you will receive when your cookies come out just the way you want.

Let the Great Baker do what He does best.

Be the work of His hand.

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