All of Me Loves All of You

Walk with me through this scenario:

Say you are on the job hunt. You’ve interviewed with two great companies both being in different places, nowhere near each other. Company A calls and says, “We’d love to have you as part of our team. You in?” You let them know that you’ll get back to them in a few days. Right when you hang up with Company A, Company B calls and says, “Your interview was very impressive. You are exactly who we’ve been looking for. Can you start next week?” This has become harder than you thought it would be. How do you make your decision? You start listing the pros and cons. Company A will do this, this and this for you, while Company B will give you this and that. It’s obvious that both companies can provide you a great opportunity. It’s no longer about which company will give you more – they are both equally great. Your perspective has to change otherwise there is no way you can make a decision.

In the midst of these situations, what if we changed our thinking? For you it may not be deciding between two companies. It may be deciding whether or not to drop everything and commit to full-time ministry or deciding whether or not you should pursue someone in the hopes of marriage. For me, a lot of days, it’s  even the small decision of what is the most appropriate and modest outfit to wear that day. These are situations, that present themselves, when at a preliminary glance,  both options seem viable. Our perspective has to be different.

Here’s the twist in perspective:

What if we started thinking in a way that gives others preference over ourselves? Instead of asking, “What’s best for me?”, we ask, “What’s best for _______?” What if for a second I stopped to think about if my decisions will help or hurt?

My decisions affect people other than myself. And maybe I can’t see who they will affect, but they sure will.

Let’s go back to deciding whether to go with Company A or Company B. You now have to make a wise decision. Making a wise decision obviously means consulting God right away. You ask Him for wisdom and you trust He gives it to you. You trust that He will give you the eyes that you need to see exactly where the need is and what exactly you need to do to fit that need. You start seeing people in Company A and Company B, not just things that they can do for you. Company A is home to a young single mother who doesn’t know her worth. Company B houses a group of young  guys who are living for the thrill of today not knowing there is an eternity awaiting them. Now things are seeming to make more sense. This decision has become a lot more important. Now you are asking, “Lord, where exactly can I meet the needs you want me to meet?”

Whatever you decide, you trust that that’s exactly what God intended for you. It’s exactly where He wants you to be. You may decide to go with Company A. You feel that your grace story can help you be exactly what the young, single mom needs. You can show her that really she is worth so much by loving her like Christ loves you. Or maybe you choose to go with Company B. You decide to go out to lunch with these group of guys. You know that you can build relationships with each of them. You know that, with Christ, you will present God’s word to them, something they’ve never understood.

Making intentional decisions really has nothing to do with us. We are followers of Christ. We are called to be all about others, never about me. Because Christ was about others, never about Himself. When we ask the Lord for His eyes to make the best decisions, He will help us see how desperate people are to taste His love.

We are His love.

We show the world Christ.

Company A and B are full of good things. But more than all the blessings that come along with being a part of either company, are the precious people who are in them. People – they are what matter. When we make intentional decisions with others in mind, we decide to give ourselves wholly to love someone other than ourselves. So whether or not your deciding about a big job or what outfit to wear, be intentional.

Today, change your perspective with me. Make your decisions putting others first with the intent of loving them like Christ. They need it. They need the Jesus in you.

3 thoughts on “All of Me Loves All of You

  1. YEAH so true! Who are we to make decisions on what we want or how we feel. Jesus Christ died for our sins, and now we get the honor of dying to self and living for Him. And to think that we trust OURSELVES so sinful and flesh-focused over wisdom from our LORD who is perfect and holy and loving on a daily basis…..what the. Sigh that’s sin for ya makes us even more thankful that He loves us anyway though!

    PS Chech are you memorizing James or something……..

    1. KAM, thanks for being a faithful reader. And yes, Jesus Christ. Who would we be without Him? And why wouldn’t we want every single person that we come in contact with to know Him?! Loving Him means loving others.

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