Didn’t know any better!

Have you ever turned in the direction someone told you not to look in or touched something you know is hot? There is a part of us that likes to push things to the limit – even though the results are usually not good. I’ve always wondered why we make bad choices even though we are fully aware of the consequences. It seems easy enough in theory, yet each of us have had more than one of those lapses in judgment. Lately, I have been thinking about the sins I committed time and time again. The only answer I have is that my focus on “temporary happiness” clouded my judgment, keeping me from doing the right thing.

Ephesians 1:7

In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace

As a Christian, I was told time and time again that my God is a God of forgiveness and grace. And after years of doing wrong and not being struck down by lightening, I began to get more relaxed in making choices that would make me happy instead of God. In other words, I was old enough to know better, but not strong enough in my walk with God to make the right decisions. I strongly believe Satan targets believers of God more than the unbelievers. He doesn’t need to worry about people who don’t believe in Jesus, because they already live their lives without Christ at the center. Christians are a harder target to convince, but at the same time, offer a sweeter victory to Satan if he makes them fall.

So logically, as I became more caught up with everything related to temporary happiness, I would find it hard to have an identity on earth and in heaven. I had a foot in both worlds. I knew I wasn’t close to God, but I convinced myself I wasn’t doing anything wrong compared to most people. Then came the moment my eyes were opened to all the toxic things in my life. I caught myself having the most meaningless conversations which seemed to reflect things that were important to me or had significance at the time. I had absolutely nothing of worth to contribute to people with those priorities in my life. It angered me that I was easily falling for the deceptions of what my worth was.

There could be no way I was privy to such important things given to me by God. But I didn’t do anything with this understanding – not to benefit myself or other people around me. Even though I still find it difficult to speak to random people and tell them how great my God is and the wonderful things He did for us, I try to find other ways to show my faith to others. Our generation struggles with finding peace and happiness. If only everyone were aware of the true meaning of happiness and how it can be found in Jesus. He brings ultimate peace.

My hope is that we can dive into His Word and read the warnings and Good News He left behind for us to know. We must live a life that follows the example of Jesus and make sure our words and actions portray Him in the best light. He deserves nothing less than His children tuning in and obeying what He has asked of us. We must wake up every morning with a desire to discover what He longs to impart to us through His Word and our time with Him.

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