Playing Tag

One thing have I asked of the Lord, that will I seek after: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and to inquire in His temple. Psalm 27:4

There really is no greater place to be than God’s presence. Many of you scoff. Some know what I’m talking about. Then there are some of you who feel like you’re unworthy to even come close, so you decide to run the opposite way trying to fill your emptiness with anything you can get your hands on. Regardless of where you stand, I hope I can give you a taste of what it means to gaze upon Yahweh and delight to be in His presence. My goal is for you to pursue the One who is pursuing you!

When I was a young girl, I didn’t understand the importance of being in God’s presence. I was ignorantly aware of His presence solely when I was a church, a prayer meeting, or Bible study. As I grew up, I become more conscientious of Him. I began feeling Him in the car, in conversation with friends, and just about every time I gazed up at the night sky. For some reason, God didn’t fit into the small world in my head. Instead, He made a point of becoming my entire world.

I noticed that God started to play this game of “tag” with me. I would run away all the time, but every time I was “it” God never ran away from me. He would just stand there waiting for me to grab Him with both hands. In those moments my heart swells, my words falter, my knees buckle, and my eyes flood with tears because being in the arms of Jesus means being enveloped by His loving gaze, His pierced yet strong arms, and His Word that comforts and never falters. Sometimes His voice is a like a loud thunder pounding against my chest, but sometimes His voice is as soft as a feather that tickles my ear. Unfortunately, I have the horrible habit of loosening my grip, getting distracted and running away. Then the cycle repeats.

How do you encounter God? Do you feel His presence only in a corporate setting on Sundays? Have you made an effort to meet Him outside of church? Everyone is so different. There is no specific or right way to enjoy His presence. King David danced before God’s presence like an uninhibited fool to the point that Michal his wife was embarrassed of him! Mary the sister of Martha and Lazarus just sat at Jesus’ feet until Martha actually complained that Mary wasn’t helping her with host duties.

How do you have your Jesus time? (If you’re confused, maybe you’re more familiar with the terms “devotions” or “quiet time.” I just prefer saying “Jesus time.”) Wednesday, my “Jesus time” consisted of listening to an old Breakaway message in my car as I drove an hour to work and wordlessly praying as I briskly walked across the parking lot. But my favorite “Jesus time” that day was when I escaped the FREEZING confines of the hospital during my lunch break and went outside to bask in the sunlight. I just sat on this concrete slab with my feet dangling, and for a few minutes the world melted away as I sat in the warmth of His gaze.

There are SO many ways to spend time with God. Think outside the box. Go on a coffee date with Him! Go fishing with Him. You could even take a stroll with Him in the park. If you feel the most at ease with Christ in the comfort and privacy of your bedroom, then that’s completely fine! The point is for you to actively meet with God on a regular basis.

For those who are too scared or belligerent to seek God, you are only depriving yourself from the greatest of pleasures. His grace is greater than any sin! Be confident in the finished work of Christ who offers deliverance and eternal life with Him! When you are able to abide/dwell in Christ, you will find joy, solace, peace, and rest. There is no greater place for the world-weary soul for supernatural replenishment. What are you waiting for? Get off the internet and have some Jesus time!

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