Skydecks & Other Such Difficulties

So…I’m afraid of heights. I get scared driving over bridges, refuse to open my eyes on roller coasters and almost passed out at the top of Rockefeller Center where there is no safe place for a person who is terrified of heights.

My brother-in-law was excited to take us to Willis tower in downtown Chicago a couple of years ago when our family went to visit. I felt hopeful when the women at the bottom told us that the visibility was reduced because of fog and gave us half priced tickets, and REJOICED to find at the top that the fog was so thick we couldn’t see anything looking down. We were enveloped in a fluffy cloud on all sides, and my brother-in-law was disappointed, but I thoroughly enjoyed walking around reading all about Willis tower without having to see the street from 110 stories up (apparently on a clear night, you can look through a telescope and see lights in Asia).

Even with the fog, I didn’t want to go out on the skydeck – a giant glass box that sticks out from the side of the building. I didn’t CARE that the weight limit was 10,000 pounds, I hadn’t weighed myself in a few days and wasn’t about to chance it!

No one enjoys being uncomfortable. In an ideal world, we would never be in a situation outside of our own control. We would have enough of everything that we need, and we would be taken care of emotionally and physically and spiritually and THAT life would be great.

In my own life, I am now thankful for the difficult times that were beyond my control. I have seen time and time again how God uses uncertain times in my life to build my faith in ways that I never thought possible. None of us desire to be in a position where we really HAVE to surrender all control and depend on God. Those times are usually stressful, and they leave us feeling totally helpless. But when we’re up against the wall, and we know that there’s no person in the world who can help us, we are forced to depend completely on God, and when He steps in, we’re able to witness miracles and our faith grows exponentially.

Within the Scriptures, we see that miracles often take place just in the nick of time, right before a person is defeated or embarrassed.

When the Israelites were surrounded on all sides at the bank of the Red sea, they must have wondered why God brought them out of Egypt to die. There was nothing they could do, no other option, until God cleared a path right through the middle of the sea.

When the hosts at the wedding of Cana were about to be publicly humiliated for running out of wine before the wedding feast was finished, Jesus stepped in and turned jugs full of water into wine.

When Shadrach, Meschac, and Abednego chose to be fed to the furnace rather than bow down to appease the king, they should’ve been burnt up by the fire, but Jesus showed up in the middle of the flames and not a hair on their heads was burned.

There are many more of these types of incidences in the Bible. Each one assures us that if we are going through something that feels unbearable today, the God who you and I call “Father” is the same one who stepped in time and again in the Bible. And He will do it again for you.

God’s timing is perfect. Our job is not to figure out when and how, but rather to choose to trust. Stop trying to figure it all out, and let God be God.

Cease striving and know that I am God.

Psalm 46:10

2 thoughts on “Skydecks & Other Such Difficulties

  1. God has a way of making us learn more about ourselves in difficult situations.He lets us go through them so we become better and stronger. The Bible says God sits as a refiner and just like that when go through the furnace we come out refined like pure silver.Thanks for blessing me.

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