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Every now and then I lose my interest, hope, and love for the Internet. The trolling, gossip, and abundance of evil in it make me wish I could turn it off.

But then, wonderful things like this blog pop up, I realize that people from all over the world and the country are connecting with each other, that there is a platform that can glorify God, communicate hope and give opportunities to make good instead of evil.

And I am reminded once more, that anything and anyone can be redeemed by the Lord and used for His glory.

Thank you to all the people who have read our story and have prayed for us, it has been a challenging couple of months.

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Pilar and I have been given the responsibility of leading the Youth Group at the local church where we meet. I have attended three different family and youth retreats in the past month, preached around 5 Sundays, taught two nights a week, met with 5 men regularly in different days of the week to disciple them, and have had several planning meetings for our new Bible Institute.

I have seen lives changed, youth commit their lives to Christ, believers restored, leaders edified and people come to salvation! Thank you for all the army of people praying for us. Please do keep praying that the Lord may help us as we continue our plans for the New Bible Institute – that it may be a tool in His hands for the growth and the expansion of the Gospel in Colombia.

Honestly, it is overwhelming to see the amazing opportunities we have to serve the Lord, and yet I am reminded of the latent danger of being so busy in the work of the Lord that you may forget the Lord of the work. So busy “in ministry” you may forget one of your main ministries: your family.

Much is happening in Colombia, people are very receptive to the Gospel. There are many opportunities to teach and to preach, but the one thing that the Lord has reminded me during these past months is that no matter how busy life gets, The Lord and my Family must always be priorities that I invest quality time in.

As you keep praying for us, pray that we may have wisdom and balance, that we may say YES to all the Lord wants INCLUDING us as a family.

May the Lord bless you richly, may you have the opportunity to see Him in action, and may you grow closer to Him and to those around  you.

In Christ,
Christian Ramirez

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