He Will Remember You

But God remembered Noah and all the wild and tame animals with him in the boat. (Genesis 8:1)

God remembered Noah. And He’ll remember you too. 

We all go through different seasons of life. Some of you reading this today may be feeling abandoned and forgotten. If that’s the case, take comfort in a theme that comes through in Genesis chapter 8 – God has not forgotten. He will remember you. If you are a child of God, remember that He will never forget you. He will not abandon you. He will not allow your difficult times to be wasted.

Imagine Noah’s feelings after he had been drifting on the never ending waters for almost a year after the Flood. He had been a man of faith, blameless among the people of his time. But he was also human, and the sea is a very lonely place. Think of it – not just overnight, but night after night, month after month – with nothing in sight. During those months, Noah must have begun to wonder whether God had forgotten him, his family and the animals as they floated like insignificant junk on the great world sea.

If you’ve been drifting pointlessly in the dark for some time now, if you’ve been sitting miserably in the middle of life’s storm, if you’ve been suffering silently in a perplexing situation, do not doubt that God remembers you. He still has a plan for you. He still has a purpose for you. He still loves you with a fierce love.

Although Noah may have felt that he was abandoned by God during the year of the Flood, those days were eventually behind him. They were overcome. God DID act again in Noah’s life.

This reminds me of a precious promise that you and I have been given for times when we feel abandoned by God, the hope in knowing that God will act again! In the meantime, your job is to go on in faithful obedience to what He has already shown you.

I focused on the fact that God remembered for this post, but that isn’t earth shattering news. Of course God remembers! It is His nature to remember. He is ever faithful.

This is the first time that the Bible mentioned that God remembered something, but certainly not the last. I couldn’t help but notice something wonderful at the end of chapter 8 that is significant: Noah remembered.

Instead of bursting from the ark and rejoicing at the fact that he was finally free again, Noah built an altar, offered sacrifices and gathered his family around to remember and thank the God who had delivered them from the Flood.

Don’t jump out of the ship just yet. The winds will come, the waters will recede and the door will open. You will be able to leave this difficulty behind you and thank God for the rainbow.

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