Trust or Bust

Some trust in chariots and some in horses,
but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.

Psalm 20:7

My students, well, some of them, have trust issues. It’s been 4 months of school, which may not seem long, but in the world of school, it is. 4 months means it’s almost the end of the semester. 4 months means more than 16 weeks, better yet, more than 80 days have gone by together. It’s been 80 days of “getting to know each other.” Yet some of my students still don’t trust me. And how do I know that they don’t trust me? Well, they don’t listen to anything I say. They aren’t confident in me. They haven’t been sold on my character. They don’t truly believe who I am. They don’t really know me. As hard as I’ve been trying for 4 months, I still haven’t gotten through. A few weeks ago I was thinking, Okay, there has to be a reason that they’re still making bad choices….there has to be a reason. And this is it, this is the reason. Trust. The lack of it.

Thankfully, I have students who trust me (only by the grace of my awesome God). I mean really – I have one sweet girl who every time she sees me HAS to hug me for at least 15 seconds; it usually ends up being 30 seconds. If you know me at all, hugs aren’t my thing. After the 10 second mark, I start getting squirmy and begin encouraging her to let go and sit down. Honestly, deep down inside I love that she loves me; it’s super sweet! I can tell that she trusts me. Not just because of her hugs, but because she listens, she waits for my lead, she tries to be wherever I am. If I’m staying after school for tutorials, oh, she will be there. She even tries to make me extra happy. She likes getting to know me more. She recently found out about my love for Chik Fil A. So, she wrote down, on a piece of paper, “Ms. Mathews’ Chik Fil A Order,” followed by, “Entree, Drink, Size of Fries, Sauce.” She INSISTED that I fill in my order. I asked her why; she said it was a surprise.

My two sets of students, trusting and non-trusting, have life outside of our school building.  Some of them go through really tough times. Some of them face situations in life, which they never would have asked for. Some of them have never been able to trust anyone. We all have similar experiences. We go through hard times, and we try to fight on our own. In my students’ case, they use words to fight against anyone they don’t think they can trust. And the skilled ones, they use their actions. That’s how we all are. When we don’t trust; we don’t listen. It’s our way, or no way. In order to truly trust someone in our lives, we keep tabs on what they do (for us). We remember how good they’ve been to us, but more importantly the times they’ve hurt us. The less times they hurt us, then the more we trust them. For my students and me, it takes time. I have to prove to them that I love them.

What keeps you from trusting God?

If trust is about confidence in someone’s character. Um, hello, has God not proven Himself to you? He’s God…what else do you need? As much as knowing that He’s God should be enough, most times, it’s not. And He knows that. So He does what it takes to gain your trust. He does what it takes for you to finally choose Him. He waits day after day and works for you.

If you’re not trusting in God, you must be trusting in someone or something else. Is it your job, the amount of money you make, your college degrees, your spouse, your parents, your best friend, your mentor or even worse, is it yourself? What is it? Because whatever you put your trust in, sure, it may be strong, and it may always “have your back,” but it can never love you like your God. It can never prove to be more reliable and saving as your God. It can never be more constant than Jesus Christ. He never changes. He is the same yesterday, today, yes and forever. If you’re waiting for Him to prove to you that He deserves your love, just open the Bible. Or talk to me or anyone else who has experienced, firsthand, the saving grace of our Lord Jesus. If you dig deep enough, you’ll realize that He has always been faithful to you. He shouldn’t have to prove it to you for any longer. It has been more than enough time.

Don’t trust in your chariots or in your horses. You have a God who saves you over and over and over again, and you know it. Listen to Him. Read His Word and get to know Him better. He shouldn’t have to do all of the work. He deserves your love, attention and affection. Find out what He loves, and put a smile on His face. Show Him that you love Him. Be where He is.

It truly is so sweet to trust in Jesus.

One thought on “Trust or Bust

  1. Beautiful. Love this post, P! Thanks for sharing! Thankful for His patience with us as we seek to trust Him more and more. It’s definitely a work in progress… I fail daily. But it gets easier with time – that’s for sure! Thank you sister girl, for always reminding me to “Trust Only.” Love you! ❤

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