Monster vs. Friend

For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many. Mark 10:45

I will tell you a story. You might recognize it. There was a perfect guy who had everything, but he was still feeling pretty lonely. Well, this guy had a best friend who was the Perfect matchmaker and introduced this guy to the perfect woman. The perfect couple was born.

However, instead of the happily ever after, they betrayed the Best friend and in the process destroyed their perfect life. This seemingly small act created a living breathing monster called Sin that possessed every soul. It tore apart every relationship. Death entered this idyllic world, and darkness overshadowed any ray of light.

Every action, word, and gaze was marred by this monster. The monster was coy. It was barely detectable especially through the cover of the most innocent of smiles and kindest of words. Still it lived within the host as a quiet parasite whispering empty promises while slowly devouring the unsuspecting fools. Death was always the final end for the unsuspecting host, but the monster would live on with the offspring for generations. There was no hope to destroy the immortal monster.

Ah! What happened to the Perfect Matchmaker? Was He not mankind’s Best Friend? He saw the moment the monster began to seduce and annihilate. What the monster couldn’t have prepared for was the perfect rescue plan. The Best Friend came into the world disguised as a baby! The Perfect Friend took on the same vessel as those possessed by the monster.

While everyone continued to live as hosts for the monster, this baby grew up as a perfect man. Unlike the first perfect man who betrayed humanity, this perfect man came to be betrayed by humanity once again. He knew that the only way to save people from the “immortal” monster was to finally kill the monster by sacrificing Himself.

Death thought that it had finally defeated the Perfect Friend, but three days later even death met the same fate as the monster. With that final defeat, Grace and Hope was born. No longer did humans have to fear the monster or even death itself. They had a Best Friend who offered a very precious and free gift. He came to redeem. He came as our ransom.

This is my story. I was born with a monster slowly killing me from the inside. I was a ticking time bomb, but I found a new life because The Great Matchmaker wanted ME as His child. I hope this is your story. Don’t wait another day to choose Him. He has already paid your ransom.

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