Blind Faith

So I saw a story in the news about a man, George Perdikis, who was one of the co-founders of the band, The Newsboys.  He described his life before the Newsboys, how he came to know some of the original band members, and explained the story of their rise to fame.

The title of the article: Newsboys Co-founder Denounces Christianity: ‘I’m Now an Atheist’

First things first.  The last thing I want to do is go off on this man. I don’t want to angrily point out all the reasons why I’m offended or why I believe he’s wrong. I DO feel sad that he has had the opportunity to be around believers and hear the Gospel and has chosen to reject it, but we should pray for him, not revile him. He, like all others who reject having a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, will stand before God one day and be condemned for it. We are not the ones who have been given the right to judge him. 

The part of the story that I wanted to focus on is the idea that he denounced his Christianity and declared himself to be an atheist.

When I was reading through the responses to the article at the bottom of the article, I found that many, many people agreed with this man. Some of them also shared that they had given up on being Christians and found Atheism to be a more compelling belief system in which to place their faith.

Perdikis mentioned a lot of things in the article. He said that he was heavily influenced by a bandmate’s parents to go into the Christian genre of music. He talked about feeling uncomfortable with the strict rules enforced by Christianity. He talked about searching for what his beliefs truly were after he left the band. He talked about how he found cosmology and psychology and eventually became an atheist based on all the information that he gathered.

The word I can’t reconcile in the title of the article above?


I do not believe that Perdikis was actually ever a Christian. He may have called himself a Christian or gone along with having an appearance of Christianity for the sake being able to play his music publicly and for profit, but never once in the article did Perdikis mention Christ. Never once did he mention how he came to consider himself to be a Christian in the first place.

Today, I urge you to consider your own faith. I believe strongly that there are many people who call themselves Christians who are going to find themselves in the shoes of George Perdikis one day. They go to church because they are heavily influenced by someone else to do so, feel weighed down by the rules enforced by the religion of Christianity, but play along so as not to upset anyone. They may never get to the point of questioning their own beliefs.

Not all people who sound religious are really godly. They may refer to me as ‘Lord,’ but they still won’t enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The decisive issue is whether they obey my Father in heaven. | Matthew 7:21

True Christians are those who have believed they are sinners and need to be saved from their sins. They are not people who are perfect; they are people who admit that they are not. True Christians are not Christians because they go to church, do Christian activities or follow the rules correctly. They are Christians because they have placed their faith in Christ and have a relationship with Him.

This is something that the world finds hard to believe. This is also something that many “Christians” sitting on the pews of churches across the whole world find hard to believe.

Being in a Christian band did not make George Perdikis any more a Christian than sitting in a church makes you one.

One thought on “Blind Faith

  1. How true! I have often been surprised by these folk who call themselves Christians who behave in anything but Christ-like ways; they walk daily donning their ‘old man’ and never in the “newness of life!”

    So is it a wonder when people who are confused and lacking steadfast faith fall by the wayside? Mahatma Gandhi has often been quoted saying this, ““I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

    Oh! Child of God, it is time to look to your ways and allow your walk and talk to testify to the world whose you are; regardless of all those who call Him, “Lord, Lord!”

    Thank you for this simple and thought provoking reminder, my sister. May God bless you in the coming days to write edifying messages.

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