Biffles | Part 3

In parts one and two of our series on best friend relationships with God, we talked about the necessity of honesty and transparency through our communication and actions, as well as the right motivation for obedience to His word. This comes from our WANT to follow and honor Him out of the respect we have towards Him, rather than obeying out of the fear of punishment. Today we are going to look at the third key aspect required to have a best friend relationship with God: desire and passion towards growing that relationship.

  1. Desire / Passion

When I think of a relationship that has desire, passion, and intimacy, the first thought that comes to mind is the love between a man and his wife. What people tend to overlook sometimes is that this example was actually set by Christ in His expression of His love for the church, the body of all believers. There are many places in Scripture that describe this relationship, but one of the best verses can be found in Ephesians 5.

Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her | Ephesians 5:25

This verse states that the love between two married people should be one of desire, passion, intimacy and unconditional love – just as Christ showed us through His sacrifice. If we are loved by a Savior who would give up anything and everything for us, shouldn’t we be reciprocating that same love back towards God? Even in the marriages all around us, we see that love goes both ways. It is not just love expressed from the husband to the wife or from the wife to the husband. There is a responsibility for all couples to show equal and unconditional love towards each other. It works the same way in our relationship with Christ. We should have that desire and longing to know more of Him and grow closer to Him.

If that is not a clear enough example, consider your own relationship with your best friend. The passion and desire that you have to spend time with that person isn’t just one-way. They either express that same interest or initiate the opportunities for you both to hang out and spend some time with one another. There is always that longing to find out what’s going on in their life, how they are doing, and to just spend some time in fellowship with them. We see a clear picture of that once again in the life of David. David, through the Psalms, always expressed so much interest in being in the presence of God. Two clear examples can be found in Psalms 27 and 63.

One thing I ask from the Lord, this only do I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty of the Lord and to seek him in his temple. | Psalm 27:4

You, God, are my God, earnestly I seek you; I thirst for you, my whole being longs for you, in a dry and parched land where there is no water. | Psalm 63:1

Notice how much passion David has in those verses. In Psalms 27, we see that the only thing David truly longed for and looked forward to was to spend time in the house of God and gaze at the beauty of His presence! In the second verse, we see that David yearns and longs to be in God’s presence even when he’s in the worst of conditions, like in a desert without water! Often times, our passion for God doesn’t even come close to this. We get so muddled up in the busyness of life and the other interests/relationships that take up our time, that we often overlook the most important one!

Let’s put first things first and give importance to the relationship that is truly important. The more we strive to grow in our passion and desire for God, the more we see how desperately we need Him! Keep a lookout for the fourth and final part of this series! Next time, we will be looking at the importance of valuing what God values in our best friend relationship with Him!

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