Biffles | Part 4

In the first, second, and third parts of our series on best friend relationships with God, we went over the key aspects of honesty and transparency when communicating with God, obedience out of respect rather than fear of punishment, and having the passion and desire to grow that relationship from casual acquaintances into intimate friends. In our fourth and final part of this series we will be going over why it is essential for us to value what God holds in high importance.

  1. Values

When you consider your relationship with your best friend, most likely the both of you don’t have ALL the same interests. If so that makes for one very uninteresting relationship! When you do have difference of interests, that allows for you to value each other’s differences and grow and mature that relationship through experiencing what that other person considers important. One example that comes to my mind is table tennis. My closest friend is phenomenal at tennis and ping-pong; he was one of the best when he was in high school. When we became close friends during undergrad, I took the time to learn from him. This was not necessarily because it interested me, but more so because he was my best friend, and I wanted to learn it so that we could play together. I ended up completely loving the game, but much more than that, our friendship was able to mature and grow through the fellowship we had together when playing.

In the same way, we need to be valuing what God values if we consider Him to be our best friend. One person who exemplified this well in Scripture was Paul –

For I am jealous for you with a godly jealousy; for I betrothed you to one husband, so that to Christ I might present you as a pure virgin. | 2 Corinthians 11:2

What we can gather from this verse is the passion that Paul has for God’s people. He has such a longing for them that it hurts him to see them stray away from Christ and follow the ways of the world. Paul describes that this passion that he has doesn’t come from his own will, but because he has Christ living in him! When we have Christ living in us, we will have the natural tendency to give importance to those things that please God. It will be our inner desire to serve God and make sure that all the actions we take and the choices we make fulfill that purpose. Another person who displayed this in their life well was David, he was considered the man after God’s own heart. That is not a title that you get from being your own person and doing what you want to do.

For zeal for Your house has consumed me, And the reproaches of those who reproach You have fallen on me. | Psalm 69:9

What David is implying from this verse is that he has so much pride in the house of God and the matters of God that whenever he sees anything that attacks those values, he takes personal offense! What we can see from both these men of God is that their entire life was based around one sole purpose: to do the will of their Heavenly Father. One thing we have to ask ourselves as God’s own children is, what is our goal in life? What is it that we hope to accomplish? We call ourselves the friends of God, but how does that play out in our actions? What should that look like in a believer’s life?

To address these questions, we have to consider what things are most important to God. Two of the most important things that God values are the worship of His saints and sharing the love of Christ. Everything that we do as believers should fall into one of these two categories. When we come together as a congregation of His people on Sunday mornings, we are worshiping our Heavenly Father. When we take the time to partake in the ministries of the church, disciple other believers, and share the gospel with unbelievers, we are sharing the love of Christ. So take a moment to analyze your own personal Christian walk and see if you are valuing what God values. As friends of God we should tell our friends about Him and live our lives as testaments of worship to Him!

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