Betty’s Bad Habits

I don’t know how many of you have even heard of, or are into reading Archie comics, but those are my favorite! The story is centered around three main characters: Betty, Veronica & Archie. Not only are Betty and Veronica best friends, but ironically, they are also rivals for Archie’s attention throughout all of their lives.

I was reading one of these comics recently and it made me stop and think for a minute. Let me try and explain what was happening: Betty was writing in her journal about all the bad habits she had managed to recently break. For a while, her room was constantly messy. When her mother asked her to clean it, she’d make it look pretty spectacular – that is, until her mother opened up the closet door and saw that she had just stuffed everything inside of it! One day Betty was expecting an important phone-call from Archie, but couldn’t find her phone within her messy room! By the time she found it, the phone stopped ringing. Needless to say, from that day onward, Betty kept her room spotless and knew EXACTLY where the phone was located within it.

Another bad habit of Betty’s was that she sometimes forgot to brush her teeth (I know, ick!). No matter how many reminders she would write for herself, she would constantly forget! One day, she discovered she had a terrible cavity, and the only day the dentist could squeeze in an appointment for her was the same day as Archie’s birthday party. She ended up getting a root canal while Archie celebrated his birthday with the rest of their friends – including Veronica. Well, that was enough for Betty! Since that day, Betty never forgot to brush her teeth again.

All it took for Betty to break these bad habits was Archie’s presence in her life. For her, Archie was a good enough reason to change, and she would do anything to please Him. Why? Because she was desperately, senselessly, absolutely-head-over-heels in LOVE with him.

As I’m about to do for myself, ask yourself these questions privately. Who do I choose to make changes for? Does my life reflect the mark of positive changes being made in order to better please the Love of my life?

When I’m asked to “clean up” the mess that sin has made in my life and in my heart, do I half-heartedly shove everything into a dark corner so that whomever I’m trying to please hopefully won’t notice it?

Do I miss appointments with God because I’m drowning in the weight of my own sin and selfishness, and because I was too lazy to snap out of it and turn my life back to Him when I first noticed things were falling apart?

What about the disgusting habits in my life? Is it enough for me to notice the good examples of others who are placed around me, or do I not try to fix my problems since those people are probably just “more spiritual” than I’ll ever be?

Archie may be the red-headed heartthrob-of-the-century to Betty. But I’ll tell you one thing – neither his opinions nor his influence in Betty’s life would last forever. You know why? Because he was human! In fact, (Spoiler Alert!) he eventually dies within the series itself!

So who am I making changes for in my life? While I know anyone in my life is susceptible to being gone from Earth any minute, God is with me forever. Even after death! Positive changes made for God in my life will result in a thriving, delightful and exuberant relationship with the Creator of the universe, which is better than any reward I can get from someone who is only human. He is absolutely, 100% enough reason for any one of us to change those bad habits for good!

If anyone belongs to Christ, there is a new creation. The old things have gone; everything is made new! | 2 Corinthians 5:17

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