Stay Fit.

A week ago today, I had a little conversation with myself. “Ok Jenny. You’ve had a whole week of eating pretty terribly. Starting TODAY, you’re going to do better and go to the gym every day. No excuses!”

… I wish I could say that I’d followed through with my decision. Instead, here I am, a week later – Making another decision to try and make myself a little more health-conscious this week!

The key to fitness is this: You HAVE to be consistent! You can’t just let yourself go for a while and then be like “Ehhhh, I’m starting to feel pretty yucky. Maybe I should go back to eating healthy and working out for a little while. I felt much better then!”

If you’re wanting to really be serious about it, fitness is a lifestyle. It’s a day-in and day-out process of decision making that teaches you about what is good for your body, what is bad for your body, and how to be active in order to restore, heal and strengthen your body.

Sometimes, I treat my sin as if it’s a “cheat day.” I will find myself justifying my sin because mostly everything else in my life seems to be pleasing God. I’ll give into momentary pleasures because I know that God still loves me and that He will forgive me later when I repent and say that I was sorry it happened. While this is absolutely true, it doesn’t mean that I can misuse His grace in that way. Instead, I should see His sweet Fatherly love as a reason to try my best and stay away from sin, because I know it breaks His heart when I give in to it.

Cheat days are tough for me, because once I allow myself to enjoy good food and skip the gym, sometimes it’s hard for me to want to go back to the “healthy ways” I know are right. In fact, sometimes I think “Well.. Since I’ve already been doing pretty badly for the first 4 days of the week, I might as well just try and start again on Monday!” Similarly, the problem with sin is, once I allow a little bit of it into my life, it’s hard not to just keep going. As most of us know, one tiny lie can easily turn into a big whirlwind of lies as we try to keep covering our false backstories. Sin truly becomes a cycle – and before we know it, we can’t seem to stop. What inevitably happens is we begin to feel guilty over what we’ve done, and instead of coming back to God’s throne to tell Him about what we’ve done and ask for His forgiveness, we feel like we should stay away. As if we’re too disgusting to be in the presence of such a holy God.

We have to keep in mind that God’s love encompasses all of our doubts, failures and problems. While He IS holy, and we are only giving our best shot at being holy, He still wants us to come to Him when we struggle with the sin in our lives. Don’t let Satan fool you into thinking that you’re too far-gone with the sin in your life that you can’t expect God to forgive you. He always will if you ask. But it’s important that you follow up by trying your best to live a healthy Christian life the way He shows you to in His Word. Think you can’t understand how to do so on your own? Ask God and your brothers and sisters in Christ for help! There’s a reason why they’re all in your life.

While your body’s fitness is important, your spiritual fitness is what really matters in the end. Don’t “let yourself go.” Make it your active duty to become more and more like Christ with every passing day.

Eat. Sleep. Christ. Repeat. 

“Whoever says that he lives in God must live as Jesus lived.” | 1 John 2:6

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