Guilt & Glory | Part 3

(Hey friends! If you haven’t already, I would highly suggest you go back and read Part 1 & 2 so that this series is all tied together for you! Thank you for reading!)

In Part 1, we’ve combated the negative backlash that guilt can cause as a result of sin.

In Part 2, we talk about setting a practical foot forward in order to stop the aforementioned sin from happening over and over again.

And now you may be wondering… Where in the world does “glory” fit in with all of this? Rest assured, it isn’t in the title without a purpose. In fact, guilt and glory are very closely tied to one another.

“God’s glory shines through His creation” | Unknown

The Bible tells us that everything about us was meant to point back to the glory of God… And that includes our sin.

You see, sin is sin no matter what. It’s always going to be wrong, hurtful to God and something that you and I struggle with. We can’t change that. But we CAN change the way we deal with it. We can wallow in our guilt, or we can use what happened to point back to God and say, “He’s going to help me through this! All glory to Him!”

It’s one thing when you aren’t interested in changing your sin pattern whatsoever. But it’s a whole other thing when you have recognized your sin and are taking determined steps towards completely stopping its pattern in your life.

God is not glorified when you stop reading your Bible and praying because of the sin you did yesterday. But He is glorified when you confess what you’ve done wrong to Him without sugarcoating any of it.

God is not glorified when you figure that skipping church is probably for the best since you feel guilty. But He is glorified when you get yourself an accountability partner who can help keep you in check and faithfully pray for you to overcome your sin.

God is not glorified when you take a step away from your youth ministry because you feel like a hypocrite. But He is glorified when you generate the boldness to share your story with other young people who are most likely going through the same thing as you (or will encounter a similar situation in the future.)

It’s hard to relate to a Christian who is seemingly “perfect” and does nothing wrong. What’s going to actually reach others’ hearts is the Christian who has made mistakes and isn’t afraid to admit it. Afraid that others will judge you because you aren’t perfect? You were never expected to be perfect anyways!

Do you truly believe that everything we go through in life has a purpose, and that God willed for us to experience it? If so, you’ll see that sin is no exception. You really can use something that is so bad for such a good purpose, but only if you allow God to use you in that way.

“Your pain has a purpose. Your problems, struggles, heartaches, and hassles cooperate toward one end… the glory of God.” | Max Lucado

He so badly wants to use you to create yet another story circulated around shame, redemption and grace. But will you let Him?

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. | 1 Corinthians 10:31

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