Sincere Beliefs.

The other day, my science class was taken on a tour of the local Science & History Museum. Although none of us were thrilled to drive a good 45 minutes out of our way to walk around a museum all afternoon, we eventually found ourselves at the last event of the day: a short film on World War II.

Of course, I’ve heard more than my brain can handle on World War II previously in my history classes, but something about hearing it again this time really stood out to me. I guess it was just thinking about how crazy it is that Hitler could actually get millions of people to agree with his beliefs. Yes, I know – Hitler’s beliefs were insane, immoral and ridiculous! So then, pray tell me, how is it that one man managed to convince all those people to think the same way he did?

I’ll tell you. He was SO confident in his beliefs that he was easily able to convince others that what he believed was true.

You can sell something that you believe in. 

That got me really thinking about my faith. When I talk about my faith with others, is it evident that I strongly believe in the things I say? Don’t get me wrong, our faith isn’t something that we are trying to “sell,” but we SHOULD be confident in what we’re talking about. Does what I have to say about the Bible sound like it’s recited from a church sermon, or can others see how real my experience with God’s Word has been? When I talk about why I love going to church, am I just repeating what my parents have said before, or am I genuinely sharing my personal beliefs?

For a while, I was on a kick over this amazing cream I had found. Since the texture of my skin is unique, I needed to find a facial moisturizer that didn’t make it too oily throughout the day, and that’s exactly what this golden cream was doing for me! I was constantly telling people about my experience with it for a good couple of months. If anyone mentioned anything about dry skin, I was already writing the name of my moisturizer down on a note to hand them. I often joked with my sisters that if my teaching career didn’t work out, I should just become a spokesperson for that cream.

See, I believed in that cream. I had seen the way it had helped my skin, and I wanted everyone to know about it so they could use it and get their skin healthy too!

Get ready for this – (my English teachers would cringe if they saw how many times I’m about to repeat the word “believe” in a sentence):

The only way that I can make my beliefs believable is if I, myself, believe in them wholeheartedly. 

I believe in God. I’ve seen the way He’s completely changed my life, and I want everyone around me to know about Him so that their lives can change for the better as well. And I know that there are so many of you who are reading who feel the same way! The best way we can do this is by living our lives in a way that show our beliefs are sincere.

But these are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. Then, by believing, you may have life through his name. |  John 20:31

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