And Thou Shalt Be Proactive.

I love milk.

But unfortunately, the older I get, the more I’ve realized that milk pretty much hates ME. I used to be able to drink it at almost every meal, but these days I have to stick to about a quarter of a glass a DAY (if even) to ensure I don’t wind up with a tummy ache later on.

The other morning, the familiar sound of high, tinkering noises filled my room as my happy-sounding alarm went off at its’ usual 5 a.m. schedule. However, I was anything but happy. Feeling much more tired than usual on the drive to school, I decided to get myself a drink to last me through my classes all day. Now, the smart decision would have been to get myself a large glass of iced water to keep me company. Why water of all things, you ask? Because ice water makes me feel GREAT. It keeps me awake, healthy and honestly – happy! This, however, somehow didn’t make it across my mind that morning. Instead, I got myself an extra-strong cup of coffee and filled (more than half of) the glass with milk. Coffee was the taste I wanted, and that was what I got. I didn’t regret this decision until about 2 hours after class started, and my stomach hurt so badly for the rest of the day that I was pretty much curled up in bed all day after school, waiting for it to feel better.

Now, what does being proactive really mean? People who are proactive prepare themselves for a situation before it happens, instead of responding after it has taken place. My coffee-run the other morning could have been a proactive decision if I had just taken 3 minutes to consider how much better I would have felt if I had ice water in my system. But since I quickly made that decision, the bad results stayed with me for the rest of the day; I felt terrible, I didn’t get any school work done that night, and an entire evening that could have been dedicated to getting ahead of my classes was deemed unproductive instead!

My mentor teacher is constantly reminding our 4th grade students to be proactive. As they walk into school every morning she tells them that instead of wasting time talking as they come in, if they take a minute to consider what materials they will need for the rest of the day first, they can get those things out on their desks and be ready for the school day. She reminds them that this means they will get an opportunity to have more time to talk later on instead of constantly going back to their locker for materials they forgot to get out!

The Bible tells us to be proactive as well. You see, we have a BIG event coming up in our lives. That is, the return of Jesus Christ! Since the Bible does not tell us when exactly this return will be, it is our responsibility to prepare for His return as if it could happen any second!

Watch therefore, for you do not know what hour your Lord is coming. But know this, that if the master of the house had known what hour the thief would come, he would have watched and not allowed his house to be broken into. Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect. | Matthew 24:44

Every time I read these verses I think, “Man… Am I really prepared for Christ to return any second?” Remember – the Bible clearly outlines what He is expecting at the time of His return… The question is, are we doing any of it?

If we become proactive in small things in our lives, it will help us become proactive in bigger things too. What are you going to do this week regarding your daily schedule that will help you become a more proactive person? Maybe you can prepare your lunch the night before work so your mornings are less rushed, or you can catch a bad situation starting to rev up and stop it from escalating! Then, what are you going to do this week regarding your preparation for when Jesus Christ returns expectantly? He is so excited to take you home to Heaven, but will you be excited to see Him?

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