Long Talks and Coffee Dates

It’s a Tuesday. One sweet sister comes over after a long day of work. We sit and talk over snacks. First a little small talk, and we laugh a bit. Slowly our words become fewer and fewer. We take more and more pauses before the tears start. These tears hold doubts and fears. They’re rooted in wanting to be the best for Him.  Neither of us have many words of comfort. So the pauses become longer.

A few days later, it’s a Thursday. I meet with a dear sister at our favorite place, Chik Fil A, of course. A nice booth becomes our home there for a few hours as we talk through life and go through refill after refill of tea. We go through it all. The ups, downs, funny moments and not-so-funny moments. We enjoy each other’s company while talking about how this season of life has been hard. We laugh instead of cry. But the laughter is just a reflex for us two. We pour out our hearts and wonder when the next season will come.

Now it’s a new day, it’s Friday. I sit on a twin bed in a college girls’ apartment. My little sister talks with me about what life has brought her throughout the week. We talk through the what’s and then turn to the why’s. A few hours pass, and I come to another favorite place, a coffee shop in downtown Houston. There I sit across from another little sister. She spills her heart. I look into her eyes and see how all she wants is Him. Words are few again because I’m there, too. At the end.

Hours of talking that brought us all to the same realization. We are His, seeking after a life lived here to please Him. Seeking a life given to Him – our hearts, our lives, our all. Through all of the talks, there is much brokenness. He answers our prayers. But we can’t seem to wrap our heads around the fact that He actually would answer.

We pray for brokenness. But when it happens we can’t deal. We stare our sin in the face, and we can’t deal. Could we really be this sinful? Something must be wrong with us. This isn’t brokenness. Brokenness must be prettier. We all finally agree. The days that make it seem like all of us suffer from depression mean that He’s dealing with us. He’s answering the prayers we prayed, in sincerity, for Him to make us more like Him. Why are we so surprised? We finally accept that this place He’s brought us to, it’s a good place. Though we think we are at our end, that’s exactly where He wants us, to show us that He is enough, more than enough.

With our hearts bowed low, we ask Him to break us. With limited understanding, we accept the hard days with joy. And we walk together. There are far too many times that we think we’re alone, which is just not true. We walk together looking to Him for all that we need. We walk together holding each other up until the end. He walks with us. He holds us. And yes, He is always ready to give us the embrace we need, when we need it.

I am more than thankful to the Lord for long talks and coffee dates, which actually rarely ever consist of coffee. I’d rather a tea. Long talks and coffee dates are covered with reminders of Him. He completes us. He sustains us. He is the Lord Jesus Christ, preeminent over all.

And after each long talk and coffee date, we leave refreshed. We leave encouraged. How is that possible? How can simple conversations change our outlook completely? Because all we needed to do is refocus. We remind each other of His sweet Word and of who He is. And that’s all we need.

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