Science Labs and Listening to God.

If there’s one thing that’s for certain in the teaching world, it’s this: Lesson planning is HARD.

Not only do I have to figure out what the state is requiring me to teach, but I also have to take into consideration my students who may have learning disabilities – not to mention, the ones whose first language may not even be English… And keep in mind, when these kids take their standardized tests at the end of the year, I am responsible for teaching them what they need to know in order to pass.

To put it short, coming up with and creating lesson plans that are both engaging and effective for students is really, really tough at times! And it takes a very. long. time. 

So you can understand, then, how frustrating it is when I try to give out instructions for a science lab to my students, and they keep trying to do it themselves! Of course, they don’t realize that there’s a process that goes behind the whole lab. I set it up in a way that requires a step-by-step process. But instead of listening, they’re so quick to mess with the materials (naturally…young hands won’t sit still with so many cool items within reach) and try to start the lab without taking the proper steps first.

If my kids would just take a second to listen to my instructions, they won’t mess up their lab variables – and they’ll get the results that I intended for them to figure out in the end!

As I was thinking about this after school one day, I couldn’t help but see the crazy connections between what happened in my classroom, and what happens in my life sometimes.

You see, I have all of these different aspects of life spread out right in front of me. If I see something that doesn’t look right, my immediate reaction is to reach out and try to fix it. If something doesn’t seem to be working out the way that I was expecting it to, I want to switch things around so that I seem more “on the right track.” After all this switching around, attempting to tidy up my life and stressing out over things that I can’t control, all that I end up with in the end is a HUGE mess instead.

Because I’m trying to do it on my own.

Am I listening? Am I taking a moment to hear God, even if His voice seems faint in that moment? Because you see, God is asking me to just be still. He wants me to trust Him. He absolutely knows what my expectations are, and He understands why I want things to work out a certain way. But am I so caught up in the way that I want things to be done that I forget HE is the one who designed my life before it began?

Be still, and know that I am God. | Psalm 46:10

If I would just take a moment to listen, I would hear His promises for me. If I would just take a moment to pray, I could release so much tension by talking things out with the One who cares the most. If I would just take a moment to obey Him, and trust that He is capable of taking care of all my needs, I wouldn’t need to worry about anything.

A moment can make a big difference.

He absolutely wants your life to result in something beautiful. In fact, He designed it in a way so that this could take place. We are given so much freedom to make choices of all kinds in this life. It’s just that first, He wants us to pause and listen.

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