Faith for Thought

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. | Joshua 1:9

There are times in your life when you feel like you are on the top of the world and nothing can get you down, but then there are also times in your life when you feel like you are at rock bottom and a complete failure at life. One is certainly preferable over the other, but if the “good” one is so temporary and fleeting, can we really give it the designation as the “good” outcome?

Regardless of where you may fall in the spectrum, you need to realize that you are basing an outcome on your own abilities. In my own personal life, I rely too heavily on my knowledge and the knowledge of others in my work environment. While there are certainly times when this is essential, I think I developed almost a dependency on relying on knowledge. Well, this has bit me in the behind way more times than I can count! Even though my knowledge was limited, I still relied on the few pieces I had in my hand. When I didn’t even have that, I would chase after people for their input.

This may seem innocuous and logical, but in my case I went down a spiral. I got so used to relying on myself or others that I lost sight of the greatest and most powerful resource at my disposal: God. Yes, I kept Him in the loop of what was happening and the situation at hand, but I don’t think I was really surrendering the situation to Him. Instead, my faith was diminishing by the day, and fear based off of my own limitations began to have a choke-hold on me. It was not healthy!

What exactly is the solution then? Well, anytime I have wandered from the path or fallen into a ditch, the first thing I have to do is repent. I have to literally give up what I was doing that was wrong and hand it over to Christ in complete surrender. Second, I have to really force myself not to turn back and pick it up. I really struggle with this! Identifying the problem is much easier than walking away from it. As humans, we have this misconception that if we know the problem then we can fix the problem ourselves. When it comes to having to boldly trust God, we have to let go of the situation and let Him handle things.

Not just on a daily basis, but really moment by moment I have to remind myself that God has everything under control. He does NOT need my help, my input, or my solutions. Our way of doing things will only get us so far, and we will reach a wall or end up starting from scratch over and over again. God is always right there. He will always be by your side. However, you need to let Him.

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