Precious Moments

If you could go back and relive any one of your favorite childhood memories, which one would it be? I tried to answer this myself, and I have to say, I couldn’t decide which one to choose from for a while! Eventually I settled on one of my favorite trips as a teenager – our GIANT family reunion in Minnesota in the fall of 2007.

The whole weekend was full of stuffing ourselves with delicious food, constantly laughing, and spending quality time with cousins we normally wouldn’t see very often. I remember on one particular evening, all of our cousins were cozied up on our aunt’s couch just sharing stories (and probably making fun of each other here and there). Although it was frigid outside, in that moment, I remember feeling more warm and happy than I had ever felt before. For me, just being there, surrounded by so many people I loved and enjoyed spending time with was such an incredible moment.

As each of us grows older, our responsibilities in life grow as well. If you’re wise, however, you know one thing for sure: You’ve got to make time for those you care about. In fact, spending time with the ones you love is one of the most valuable things you could ever experience in life. How much more then, should we value spending time with our Savior!

When I think about what Christ would’ve said about the value of spending time with Him, I immediately think of Luke 10:38-42, in which Martha and Mary invite the Lord to their home. Most of you know how it goes – Martha is trying to be the ultimate hostess while her sister Mary is listening to Jesus speak. Martha complains that her lazy sister isn’t helping her with taking care of their guests, and Jesus responds with:

“Martha, Martha, you are worried and upset about many things. Only one thing is important. Mary has chosen the better thing, and it will never be taken away from her.” | Luke 10:42

Mary was being attentive to the present. She knew that regardless of how much help her sister needed, the more important matter was that her Savior was there. She knew those moments spent with Him were ones she would never get back.

So what is it that keeps you from experiencing the presence of God right now? Here’s a hint – Where does your mind wander when you finish reading your Bible, but can’t remember anything you just read? Could it be a significant other? Perhaps it’s even the Church – the work that you do for the Lord and God’s people. Is all of your work for the Church actually distracting you from savoring sacred moments with your Savior?

I encourage you to pinpoint those distractions and afterwards, think of how you can combat them! No matter how important we think all these other distractions are, none of them are as important as our Lord. Realizing this and being diligent about guarding our thoughts when with the Lord is the first step in giving the Lord the attention He deserves.

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength.” | Mark 12:30

One thought on “Precious Moments

  1. Jenny, thank you for this reminder to root out the distractions that take our eyes off the Lord & His Kingdom! Definitely a process that needs to be repeated throughout our walk with Him.

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