The Wonder of Christmas

Christmas, in a nutshell:

The Word became flesh. | John 1:14

Isn’t that crazy? The King of kings became a baby. The very One for whom and by whom all things exist (Hebrews 2:10) spent nine months inside the womb of Mary. Could the Creator have assumed a more vulnerable position?

It’s true that many babies have become kings. But only one King became a baby.

Jesus could have descended from heaven with indescribable pomp and glory (Matthew 26:53). The first noel could have been an elaborate procession, a triumphant coronation. A grand display of power and prestige would certainly have been fitting. This was the Messiah, after all!

Or He could have stayed in heaven, where He enjoyed splendor and status. He could have left us to fend for ourselves in a miserable, Christmasless world.

But of course He didn’t.

He came.

As a child.

He decided that you were worth leaving heaven for.

What a wonderful savior.

Is he not rightly called Wonderful? Infinite, and an infant—eternal, and yet born of a woman—Almighty, and yet hanging on a woman’s breast—supporting the universe, and yet needing to be carried in a mother’s arms. | Charles Spurgeon

One thought on “The Wonder of Christmas

  1. Garrett, thanks for putting things so simply & beautifully. Having celebrated Christmas for so long, I think it’s sometimes easy for us to forget that Christmas didn’t HAVE to happen. Christ could have left us “Chirstmasless,” as you stated. But praise God that His selfless love for us far exceeds anything & everything else! He truly is a wonderful Savior!

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