Big Daddies

Guest Author: Eliza Haley | Follow

“My daddy is bigger than your daddy!”

Gasps. Shocked faces. Happy smiles vanish from the faces of my Sunday school students. Them’s fightin’ words in a child’s world. I watched as my peaceful classroom turned chaotic, each little kid trying to prove his daddy to be the biggest, tallest, and strongest.

“My daddy is this big!” announced a three-foot tall human, stretching her little hand to the sky and standing on tippy toes. Clearly, she considered this height quite impressive.

“Well, my daddy is THIS big!” declared a slightly older boy, putting all his strength into an upward hop, hands stretched high, gaining him about two extra inches.

I observed in amusement for a few minutes before restoring order to the room. It made me smile to see these little kids trying to demonstrate exactly how big their daddies were.

A few days later, I realized we do the exact same thing with God, our Heavenly Daddy. We try to describe Him in our own terms, using illustrations that seem so incredible to us when, in reality, we cannot successfully describe the vastness of our God.

Consider the psalmist who compares God’s righteousness to the highest mountain, and His judgment to the deepest ocean (Psalm 36:6). To our little human minds, this sounds impressive. But I just imagine God, smiling and saying, “Really? You’re comparing My righteousness to that little mountain over there? I made that in like two seconds. If you only knew how big I really am.”

It is not our fault when we fail to capture the greatness of our Father using mere words. It is impossible to put Him into words, because there is not one word in our human vocabulary that can adequately describe Him.

Does this mean we shouldn’t even try, knowing that we will fail? Not at all! One of the awesome things about God is that He hears what we intend to say, even if the way we say it is silly or technically incorrect. He enjoys hearing our praise for Him, coming from our own lips, in our own childlike words. It is good to marvel at His creation. It is good to tell Him how big and powerful He is, and it is good to feel overwhelmed at the thought of trying to put your adoration for Him into words.

And if the thought of putting God into words is simply too much, you can learn from Paul, the great evangelist, teacher, and apostle, who does not even try to put God into words, but instead says:

O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments, and His ways past finding out! | Romans 11:33

Oh, and for the record, my Heavenly Daddy is bigger than your daddy.

No doubt about it.

One thought on “Big Daddies

  1. I loved your post, Eliza! I am often reminded of the “biggness” of our God! How awesome is it that our words fall short of being able to describe Him! Earlier on in my walk with Him, that was a difficult concept to swallow. I didn’t like not being able to describe Him or understand Him fully. But over time, I’ve come to realize that the very fact that He is so far beyond us is cause for worship & praise! A God who could fit within the constrains of our minds would be far less remarkable & far less worthy of praise.

    Thank you for sharing these words with us, Eliza! Praying we would never become discouraged by not being able to fully describe Him, but that our hearts would be turned to worship in those moments. Praying that doing so would only push us to seek to know Him & share about Him more!

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