I’ve been realizing how dark and corrupt this world is lately. It’s left me feeling rather helpless and hopeless at times. It’s left me with questions that don’t seem to have adequate answers. It’s left me feeling apathetic and frustrated with the state of the country, the world.

Why are things the way they are?
Why do people behave the way they do?
Why are we content with how society operates?

Darkness seems to be quickly closing in around us these days, doesn’t it?

Yes, the world is dark. It is cold. It is hateful. It is self-serving. It is complacent. But none of this should surprise us. The world we live in is riddled with sin. And all of those things listed above are byproducts of sin.

Thankfully, as believers, we have this Hope:

In him was life, and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. | John 1: 4-5

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and burdened by the state of the world. There is so much sorrow, so much injustice, so much pain and evil in this world. But thankfully, we serve a God who cannot be conquered by any of those things. He is invincible! He is omnipotent!

Darkness exists all around us. And at one point, we were part of it. But praise God for opening our eyes, freeing us from the darkness, and allowing us to see His light – His light which shines in the darkness, His light which the darkness is powerless to overcome (v.5)!

It is easy to get discouraged, to grow weary. But we mustn’t let the sad situation of the world distract us from our purpose in it. The devil would have us bicker and worry over politics, crime, and matters of health. The devil would be pleased to see us consumed by these things. But as believers, we must see past these situations & persevere through them so that we can carry the light of Christ into these dark places.

Think of your life as a lightbulb. Your one life, my one life – we illuminate the space we’re in. Darkness may surround us, yes. However, instead of focusing on the darkness we are surrounded by, perhaps we should switch our focus to being the light that surrounds others. Instead of succumbing to hopelessness, we must focus on sharing the light of the Hope we have in Christ.

If we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior, then His light shines in and through us into the world. Because of HIM, we have the opportunity to illuminate the space we’re in. Because of HIM, we have the opportunity to bring light to those who are searching and seeking.

By default, when a light is turned on, the area in which it rests is illuminated – regardless of whether one wants it to be lit or not. Even if there are people in your life who aren’t interested in the Gospel or this Jesus we serve, your life brings light (v.4). Your life will still cast rays of light around you – even if others don’t care to see it. And maybe, just maybe, a soul will be won for the Lord through your faithfulness in being the light. Maybe, just maybe, a new lightbulb will begin to glow.

This world is filled with darkness. While our hearts should be softened and sensitive to these things, we shouldn’t be overcome or distracted by them. Darkness cannot overcome His light. 

Don’t be driven into the ground by the circumstances and state of society. Be the vessel of light Christ has called you to be in this world. Don’t waste your lightbulb. Amplify its use, expand its reach, operate at maximum voltage. Let your light rays illuminate the world around you. And all the while, trust this:

He is loving.
He is sovereign.
And He has overcome ALL.

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