Day 16 | Isaiah 46:9

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remember the former things of old; for I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like me, | Isaiah 46:9

We all have good days and bad days, don’t we? Sometimes we feel happy and content. Other times, not so much. Mood swings are inescapable.

I’m amazed by how delicate and fragile my happiness tends to be. How do small setbacks or minor disappointments so easily ruin my day?

One thing that helps me climb out of the pit of dejection and self-pity is to think about the big picture. When I remember all the ways I am richly blessed, my daily problems suddenly seem negligible.

For example, maybe I’m feeling frustrated because a traffic jam made me late for work. I could fume and let that ruin my day, or I could step back and be thankful for the fact that

A) I woke up in good health this morning,
B) I own a truck,
C) I am able to drive to work,
D) I have a good-paying job,
E) my boss is an understanding guy, and so on.

When I think about it that way, my problems suddenly seem small and I realize that complaining makes no sense.

The same technique works well in a spiritual sense. Maybe you’re struggling through a dry spell in your walk with God. I’ve been there too. Maybe you feel discouraged because God isn’t answering a pressing prayer request. Maybe you’ve asked God for clarity and guidance about a big life decision but you still feel crippled by uncertainty.

Instead of reacting with worry and despair, pause and think about the big picture. Remember how richly God has blessed you. Remember all the things He has done in the past. Remember all the prayers He has answered, all the blessings He has given, and how He always comes through, again and again and again.

Take your eyes off of today’s problems and fix them on the One who is always there with you.

R e m e m b e r :

He has brought you so far.
He won’t forsake you now.

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One thought on “Day 16 | Isaiah 46:9

  1. An absolutely necessary reminder for me, Garrett! I’m definitely the person who gets annoyed in the traffic jam – even when I’m not late for something (which is kind of ridiculous). Taking a moment to step back from a frustrating situation & simply be thankful to the Lord is so important. It’s something I definitely need to make a HABIT of. Makes me think of the latter part of 1 Timothy 4:7 – “train yourself for godliness.” Just as much as we need to train ourselves to refrain from bad habits, we need to train ourselves to have good habits! Thanks for sharing!

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